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Questions About Using Remote Collar Training: Q&A

Questions About Using Remote Collar Training There are often many questions about using remote collar training. Today I thought I’d share a Q&A e-mail exchange that I had with a dog owner who had questions about using a remote collar to help have more control of his dog reactive dog. I believe this is a fairly common situation. Plus, it is very important for others to understand that the remote collar not be used as a punishment for the lunging, […]

Electronic collar training: The click that built a reliable recall!

When it comes to teaching a reliable recall their is little doubt that the electronic collar is the fastest and easiest way to do it. Unfortunately all too often people don’t learn of the e-collar option until they have exhausted all other tools and techniques first. Even more unfortunate is the fact that few trainers are knowledgeable about the use of electronic collar or worse, some shun their use and the unknowing owner never learns of the possibilities that exist […]

E-collar training: What is the verdict on collar wise?

Today I thought I would share a question from a fellow dog lover about e-collar training and the concept of a dog becoming collar wise. This is always an interesting topic and helps lead all of us to better training habits. My answer is below, but please share your thoughts as well.

How do I introduce an electronic collar to my dog if he is already trained?

Today I would like to share a question that was sent to me by a K9 handler interested in learning more about how to use an electronic collar with his working dog. Hi Robin, I have both your dvd’s and watched them both a few times each. A question has come up. I have a well trained police dog, meaning my dog knows sit, down ,stand, come and other commands. I want to use the ecollar

Can I Use a Remote Collar for Training a Toy Breed Dog?

Training a Toy Breed Dog with a Remote Collar Remote collar training a toy breed dog? Can it be done? The short version answer is: Yes, of course. I do understand there is a fairly common perception that little dogs somehow need less training and so a collar “wouldn’t be necessary”. Plus, I believe there is a certain amount of worry that somehow the electricity is *scary* or could hurt a smaller dog. But none of that is true. First […]