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E-collar training: What is the verdict on collar wise?

Today I thought I would share a question from a fellow dog lover about e-collar training and the concept of a dog becoming collar wise. This is always an interesting topic and helps lead all of us to better training habits. My answer is below, but please share your thoughts as well.

“My dog likes his e-collar!”

The idea of using an electronic collar for dog training conjures up many emotions in people. For those who have had negative experiences or no experience at all, it typically goes hand in hand with ideas of pain or fear. This is understandable given that most people

Shelter Dogs helped by Shock Collar?

Meet Bear. Bear was the first dog that went through our adopt program. We routinely adopt dogs from a local shelter, train them and find them new, permanent homes. When I first meet Bear, he had been in the shelter for a pretty long time and was losing his chance at finding a home.

Shock Collar Training and Happy Dogs in North Carolina?

Remote collar training done properly yields awesome results. Not sure if it is the right decision for your dog? Here is more evidence that it can be a fantastic choice when you have the right education. Elaine Pendell of Carolina Dog Training is another wonderfully skilled trainer who has done some private mentoring training with us here at That’s My Dog! Four paw salute to Elaine and Amy for the great work you did together! “Until Elaine came to visitRead more “Shock Collar Training and Happy Dogs in North Carolina?”