Shock Collar Training and Happy Dogs in North Carolina?

Remote collar training done properly yields awesome results. Not sure if it is the right decision for your dog? Here is more evidence that it can be a fantastic choice when you have the right education.

Elaine Pendell of Carolina Dog Training is another wonderfully skilled trainer who has done some private mentoring training with us here at That’s My Dog!

Four paw salute to Elaine and Amy for the great work you did together!

shock collar trained dogs

“Until Elaine came to visit us in our home and work with our pack on remote collar training, I could barely handle both dogs myself and sometimes I could not handle them at all. Taking them out for walks was not fun and was filled with fear and stress for me, as I never knew what would happen or who would pull my arm out. After Elaine’s visit, and our continued work with our dogs, we now have the calm, cooperative and fun pack I always wanted and hoped we could have. We recenly travelled to NY where friends own over 50 acres of hunting land. The accomindations are like camping and we were in the woods all weekend, with lots of new and different animal smells and noises. We were able to take the dogs with us and on waks ANY where I wanted to go with NO leashes…the entire weekend! WOW…now that’s what I call success! We are extremely grateful for Carolina Dog Training. Four months afer her visit, we are so happy and appreciative!”

Amy Dupre

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