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This dog understands Tap = Attention!

Just wanted to share some photos from this weeks video shoot. One of our regular day care attendees, Sam got into the act while shooting some short clips for the  iQ Pet training collars.   If you think the idea of Tap = Attention doesn’t work then you need to have a conversation with this Golden Retriever!   He nailed it by very effectively  interrupting our shooting numerous times.  When the director called “Action!” and we went to roll, he […]

Think Dog Training with Positive Reinforcement Is All the Rage in Training Dogs and Dolphins?

Dog Training with Positive Reinforcement: Reconsidering the Methods The following letter was sent to me from Kaat (pictured above with her dogs, including Blooper) after we exchanged e-mails discussing dog training with positive reinforcement. The main focus of our discussions were some of the petitions to ban e-collars and a video clip I have on YouTube that demonstrates using a remote training collar to work with a dog that is having aggression issues. I’m posting the e-mail in it’s entirety because […]

The Remote Collar – An Important Tool in my Dog Training Tool Box

I asked some of my colleagues if they would mind sharing their stories of how and why they began incorporating the remote collar into their training protocols. My good friend, Michael Burkey had this to say:

“My dog likes his e-collar!”

The idea of using an electronic collar for dog training conjures up many emotions in people. For those who have had negative experiences or no experience at all, it typically goes hand in hand with ideas of pain or fear. This is understandable given that most people

Dog owners in Berkeley area finding great results with electronic dog collar training

Another happy customer of Steve Bettcher and The Dog Squad. Another dog lover pleased with the training results and *shocked* at how gentle that remote collar actually can be. Like we say here at The Truth: “Careful, what you don’t know might shock you!”  😀 

Shock Collars; Can they be positive reinforcement for your dog?

Many people understand that an e-collar can be used as a punishment to stop unwanted behavior in a dog. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to come to that conclusion. Of course  that limited way of thinking is what continues to promote use of the term Shock Collar. This is unfortunate. 🙁 Because the tool can be used in a way that is quite gentle. There is so much finesse with today’s electronics and the sensation can be associated with […]