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“The idea of an E-collar for training my dog freaked me out”

….well, that is what the lady in this interview had to say when the idea of using an e-collar to train her dog was initially proposed. It is not an uncommon reaction to be a bit startled by the concept of what some refer to as a “shock collar” But I encourage you to tune in and watch this video to the end. You will not be disappointed.

Think Dog Training with Positive Reinforcement Is All the Rage in Training Dogs and Dolphins?

Dog Training with Positive Reinforcement: Reconsidering the Methods The following letter was sent to me from Kaat (pictured above with her dogs, including Blooper) after we exchanged e-mails discussing dog training with positive reinforcement. The main focus of our discussions were some of the petitions to ban e-collars and a video clip I have on YouTube that demonstrates using a remote training collar to work with a dog that is having aggression issues. I’m posting the e-mail in it’s entirety because […]