This dog understands Tap = Attention!

Just wanted to share some photos from this weeks video shoot. One of our regular day care attendees, Sam got into the act while shooting some short clips for the  iQ Pet training collars.


If you think the idea of Tap = Attention doesn’t work then you need to have a conversation with this Golden Retriever!


photo 1

He nailed it by very effectively  interrupting our shooting numerous times.  When the director called “Action!” and we went to roll, he gave me the gentle paw nudge as soon as I started to speak. And it worked, I laughed, lost my line and we had to start again! He is most certainly, Tap literate!


Tap = stop that,this human needs to focus!

So, I pulled the tried and true move…hand on his collar to stop his interruption…but apparently couldn’t keep my eyes open and talk at the same time. 🙂

Tennis ball saves the day!

And finally we found the magic green orb. (note the tennis ball in director’s left hand) to solve the problem. Sam sat mesmerized for the total minute, we got the shot, he got his ball. 🙂




North Texas dog trainer helps owners and their pets have off leash freedom

“I have had good results training multiple dogs using clicker training. However only one of these dogs had a recall that was reliable enough to allow her to accompany me off leash on our six acre property. I want all the dogs to be able to participate in off leash walks and activities outside the confines of our fenced backyard.  This is where Summer from On The Ball K9 and remote training entered the picture. I learned how to use the remote collar in a humane way to teach my dogs Gus and Blue Moon to stay close, come when called, and ignore the multiple distractions available outside their fenced world. The dogs are now able to walk with me off leash on our property. They love it and I love it!

In addition to great recalls, Summer taught me how to use the remote collars to improve their doggy manners around other dogs and people too. Blue Moon is much less mouthy towards people, and Gus is much less reactive towards other dogs. The remote collar training has allowed my dogs a greater degree of freedom than they had previously. We even take them to Denton with us to dine at some of the patio restaurants. While I still use clicker training, the remote collar is a very valuable tool in the training and managing of my dogs also.

Summer is an incredible trainer and understands both how to use and how to teach you to use the remote collar.

Janet Johnson, Gus, and Blue Moon”