“My dog likes his e-collar!”

The idea of using an electronic collar for dog training conjures up many emotions in people. For those who have had negative experiences or no experience at all, it typically goes hand in hand with ideas of pain or fear.

This is understandable given that most people actually know very little about e-collars. Heck, even most professional dog trainers know only a very limited amount. But for those who have educated themselves and taken the time to learn more, the reality is that a remote, electronic collar can be a wonderful, low stress way to train a dog. The bonus is, it provides freedom from frustration for the owner and much greater freedom for the dog.

Freedom for the dog in terms of more privileges and ability to romp unrestrained. Plus, freedom from worry for the owner who wishes to integrate the dog more into her lifestyle but can’t have a dog who is a nuisance or unreliable off leash.  The fact is, those who learn to train properly with an electronic collar get to enjoy more adventures and off leash time with their dog.

There is no need to take my word for it. Hear it direct from happy dog owners who have learned how to use the e-collar and are busy enjoying all the freedom that goes with it.


remote dog training collar
journey enjoying a snuggle with Lynn


I adopted Journey a little over two years ago.   An energetic and strong dog, he was simply the very best choice for me.  For sure we enjoy daily exercise!

Living in the woods,  I knew our daily walks and runs would be great…once my smart dog learned to listen!  I’d heard from other families that Sharon could help with this.  My goals were met (exceeded) as Journey responded quickly with Canine Coach training.  Our Coach taught me how to be an even more loving, responsible dog owner.  Journey’s new e-collar was invaluable.

I subscribe to dog journals, read books,…but really saw Journey grow with his electronic collar.  He obeys.  He comes when called.

We share the woods with bears, coyotes, skunks, porcupines, deer and wolves.  That being said,  I ‘ll also–always– advocate proper use of e-collars after the loss of three neighborhood dogs this summer.  One was a young German Shepherd who became aggressive, wandering neighbors’ yards.  Her prey instinct paralysed another neighbor’s cherished Sheltie.  (Both dogs  were put down.)  Weeks  later another neighbor’s Golden Retriever, whose “mission” was to visit everyone, was hit by a car, shattering the dog’s spinal column.  Each loss might have been prevented with e-collar management.

My dog likes his e-collar!   Journey only has to see his collar to know we’re about to have some serious fun off-leash, or experience something new.  It was worth every penny to learn from our Canine Coach how to use his e-collar well!

Lynn Goodrich
Sugar Camp, WI

(PS:  More adventures/pictures  of Journey can be found on DogBook.)

Sounds like if you’re in the Northwood’s and want to learn more about properly using an electronic collar, you should give Sharon a call, otherwise look here for more trainers who know what they are doing with this tool.

electronic collar
Journey's adventures in the NorthWoods

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