Dog owners in Berkeley area finding great results with electronic dog collar training

electronic dog training collar
Hello Sunshine!

Another happy customer of Steve Bettcher and The Dog Squad. Another dog lover pleased with the training results and *shocked* at how gentle that remote collar actually can be. Like we say here at The Truth: “Careful, what you don’t know might shock you!”  😀 

The Dog Squad offers many very good training solutions.  I will admit, I was a bit apprehensive at first because they advocate the use of an electronic collar and I swore I would never use one.  However, I quickly learned through the demonstration given in my home by Steve that my thinking was very antiquated.  Electronic collars these days are extremely sophisticated.  Pat, the other trainer, even encouraged that I try it out on my own skin.   On the setting I would be using for my 85 lb. dog, the impulse was less than what one would feel if they went to physical therapy and got electrical stimulation.  I was immediately impressed.
My dog quickly responded to the collar.  In one day he was healing nicely at my side and quickly reduced his “marking” on walks.  The best thing probably for me was that the e-collar acted like an invisible leash.

I had rescued a 5 yr. old dog and had done basic obedience training with the Berkeley Humane Society which was fine, however, they are  “treat-based’  training oriented.  How could I “guarantee” that my “dominant” dog would come from a distance if I didn’t have a treat in my hand?

My dog is very reliable now and I have much better peace of mind.

Lynn W. Berkeley, CA

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