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More shocking reviews about remote collar training

Linda C. of Lincoln Park, Michigan shares her story of how her dog Lexie (before training with Michael Burkey, a Michigan Professional Dog Trainer) use to jump up to greet people and cause injuries. Her sister had received bloody noses and she had her lip split by Lexie’s friendly but overly excited greetings. Previously, Linda had tried to teach Lexie to sit instead of jumping up by using only food treats (positive reinforcement). However, this was unsuccessful due to

The Remote Collar – An Important Tool in my Dog Training Tool Box

I asked some of my colleagues if they would mind sharing their stories of how and why they began incorporating the remote collar into their training protocols. My good friend, Michael Burkey had this to say:

Remote Dog Collar Training: Five minutes to improve your dog’s behavior

My friend, Michael, from Michigan Dog Trainer shared another video on recent success with remote dog collar training. This one titled “Five minute Wyatt” demonstrates how quickly a dog can grasp the concept of how to walk with out pulling on leash when using an electronic collar to assist with the teaching. I want to make it clear that we are not trying to say that the e-collar is magic or that learning remote dog collar training is the beRead more “Remote Dog Collar Training: Five minutes to improve your dog’s behavior”

Michigan Dog Trainer reforms wayward Golden Retriever into peaceful pooch!

My friend and professional colleague, Michael Burkey sent me video he created of  the first day starting his client with some remote dog collar training. I’ve watched it a few times and I haven’t thought of anything brilliant to add in commentary. The video and subsequent letter from Lori, the dog’s owner, pretty much tell the story. Check it out.

Will a shock collar make dog aggession worse?

It is easy to find websites loaded with misinformation regarding using remote collars with dog aggressive dogs. The warnings about increasing aggression, traumatizing the dog and all sorts of horrible outcomes are rampant. The mantra of *the sky is falling, the sky is falling” sound plausible enough to the unknowing reader. But the main problem