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To Use an E-Collar or Not? Is It a Question of Too Many Dog Training Tools?

There are many dog training tools available to help us find solutions for training problems. I’m grateful for that, but recently, I had an evaluation with someone whose response to the idea of using a remote collar surprised me. The new puppy owner was seeking help due to concerns over the puppy’s biting behavior. While playbiting is normal puppy behavior, this little guy would resort to the higher end of the intensity scale if he decided he didn’t want to […]

Shock collar training? Whoa, would JQP really do that to their dog?

The following testimonial has some pretty strong emotion. I don’t edit these things folks, so don’t shoot the messenger. The moral of the story…well, you will have to read through to the end to find out… To whom it concerns,

Off leash freedom for Siberian Husky achieved with help of remote collar training

There are a variety of reasons people consider the use of an e-collar, but one that I hear most frequently is the desire to allow the dog off leash freedom while feeling confident that the dog will come back when called.

How to properly fit a remote training collar for your dog.

When choosing to use a remote collar for training your dog it is important to understand how to properly fit the collar. Proper fit is one of the key factors in how well the collar is going to work during the training. A collar fitted correctly will have both

Remote Collar Training helps Doberman in Vancouver, BC find a new leash on life.

This is a very interesting letter that came from a woman in Vancouver, BC. It goes to show that the electronic remote training collar (aka: Shock collar) is just a tool and like any can be used well or used poorly. Jill Sharp is a former student of the TMD E-cademy program. I am proud to say that her education shines through and I’m happy she could help Roman. Congrats Jill and kudos to Lee and Roman. I am glad […]

Remote collar training gets young dogs off to a great start

A while back I wrote about  small breed dogs and training them with a remote training collar. One of these days I’ll write about young dogs and puppies as well….but for today I just wanted to share some pictures of two little cuties that are currently going through training programs. Meet Lucky & Tessie. These two have a few things in common. For one, they are both young pups. Lucky is 18 weeks old and Tessie is 16 weeks old. […]

Remote Collar Training Pays Off

Remote collar training for dogs is my area of expertise. And my passion is helping people understand how to use the e-collar in ways that aren’t so, well…… shocking. 😉 In addition to teaching and training here at my facility in Southwest Wisconsin, I spend a fair amount of time on the road traveling and instructing workshops. Here is a small clip from a recent training workshop in Cleveland, OH. The topic for discussion was; does the stimulation need to […]

Another Dog Training Professional Learns How to Use a Remote Training Collar

Remote collars can be a little intimidating to use if you don’t understand them. As with any new skill a person attempts to learn, there is a period of some uncertainty at first. However, once you find the right guidance you and your dogs can be quickly on your way to enjoying more fun together. I just received this note from a fellow dog professional who has started training her dog with an electronic collar and the Just Right dog […]

Can I Use a Remote Collar for Training a Toy Breed Dog?

Training a Toy Breed Dog with a Remote Collar Remote collar training a toy breed dog? Can it be done? The short version answer is: Yes, of course. I do understand there is a fairly common perception that little dogs somehow need less training and so a collar “wouldn’t be necessary”. Plus, I believe there is a certain amount of worry that somehow the electricity is *scary* or could hurt a smaller dog. But none of that is true. First […]