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What Do Electronic Dog Collars Feel Like?

 Electronic Dog Collars: “Will it hurt my dog?” The question of what do the electronic dog collars feel like comes up a lot. Or at least speculation about it comes up a lot! I’ve heard people make statements, usually negative ones, about what they imagine the collar to be and how it feels. Then those statements are typically followed with emotional assertions that they would “never use one on my dog!” So I’d like to share a true story from […]

How do I introduce an electronic collar to my dog if he is already trained?

Today I would like to share a question that was sent to me by a K9 handler interested in learning more about how to use an electronic collar with his working dog. Hi Robin, I have both your dvd’s and watched them both a few times each. A question has come up. I have a well trained police dog, meaning my dog knows sit, down ,stand, come and other commands. I want to use the ecollar

Reliability of your dog’s training can be greatly increased by learning to use an electronic remote training collar

Testimonials from dog lovers all over the world keep pouring in and here at The Truth About Shock Collars we are going to keep posting them. I am an advocate for dog training, regardless of training methodology, the important thing is

Off leash freedom for Siberian Husky achieved with help of remote collar training

There are a variety of reasons people consider the use of an e-collar, but one that I hear most frequently is the desire to allow the dog off leash freedom while feeling confident that the dog will come back when called.

What Is the Word on Shock Collar Safety for Dogs?

Shock Collar Safety for Dogs The question of shock collar safety for dogs is a topic that comes up frequently. Just last month I was in Cleveland, OH working with Bill Wittrock of Obedient Dogs and More. Our group was composed primarily of professional dog trainers but there was a pet dog owner in the crowd that peaked my interest considerably when he shared a personal story during our opening discussion. Joe Golob is a surgeon who also happens to […]