Reliability of your dog’s training can be greatly increased by learning to use an electronic remote training collar

Testimonials from dog lovers all over the world keep pouring in and here at The Truth About Shock Collars we are going to keep posting them. I am an advocate for dog training, regardless of training methodology, the important thing is to bond with your dog, spend time teaching them what you want them to do and stay the course with consistently enforcing those expectations.

Whether you do the training with treats, clickers, head halters, flat buckle, slip collar, prong collar or a combination of tools it doesn’t matter to me as long as you get educated to use the training tools properly and humanely. What I do get darn tired of is the electronic remote training collar being lambasted as the tool of the devil. I get tired of the rhetoric of cruelty and pain as the means of how this *shock collar* works. That notion just plain isn’t true.

Here is another example of a happy person with a well adjusted dog that has been helped by learning how to train with a remote collar. Kudo’s to Polly, Judith and the team at the Dog Squad for helping another dog achieve off leash freedom and a better life:

Polly is a nine month old sweet shepherd-terrier mix with lots of energy and a mind of her own. I had some success training her to sit, come, and not jump on people, but her responses were uneven to say the least. We both enjoy hiking on the off-leash trails in Redwood Park, but I could not rely on her to come when it was time to break off playing with another dog or upon meeting a horse. The former was inconvenient, the latter dangerous. So I called the Dog Squad. Steve Bettcher came to my home to meet Polly, make an evaluation, and explain the training program, which included three home sessions and unlimited classes as long as Polly lives.

Our first training session was with Patrick Gibbons. He explained the use of the electronic collar and began working with Polly. By the end of the session she was reliably responding to come and no longer pulling on her leash. By the end of the second session she was heeling, sitting, and lying down. The third session was a review and reinforcement of everything she had learned. After the first session I took her out on the trail. She came every time I called, even if she was playing with another dog. She came and sat beside me when we encountered horses. When we walk in downtown Walnut Creek she heels and sits before we cross a street. If she jumps up on someone she immediately obeys my command of OFF. She is now a beautifully mannered, sweet shepherd terrier mix with lots of energy and a mind of her own.

Judith Tucker – Walnut Creek, CA

Today’s photo: my own  Ms. Diva and her friend Mr. Magoo (both on remote collars) having a grand time at play.

remote collar training puppies at play
Ms. Diva & Magoo having a romp

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