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How do I introduce an electronic collar to my dog if he is already trained?

Today I would like to share a question that was sent to me by a K9 handler interested in learning more about how to use an electronic collar with his working dog. Hi Robin, I have both your dvd’s and watched them both a few times each. A question has come up. I have a well trained police dog, meaning my dog knows sit, down ,stand, come and other commands. I want to use the ecollar

Dog Aggression: How Do You Stop the Tea Pot from Boiling?

Dog Aggression: How Do You Stop the Tea Pot from Boiling? There is a lot of buzz on the internet that a shock collar should not be used when dealing with dog aggression cases. The general war cry is that using a shock collar will make the situation worse and the dog more aggressive. The theory is that the dog will associate “pain” with the dogs or people in the immediate area and thus become more reactive. While I understandRead more “Dog Aggression: How Do You Stop the Tea Pot from Boiling?”

Shock me smarter? New evidence that e-stim can aid some brain functions

Over the years there have been a number of people suggest (well, more like threaten) “Somebody should put a remote collar on you and shock you, then see how you like it!” While I have responded that I have felt E-collar stimulation

Can using an electronic dog collar foster a greater desire to learn?

People tend to have strong opinions about electronic collars and remote collar training for dogs. As  you have probably come to understand here at The Truth, the only opinions we feel have any validity are from those people who