Can using an electronic dog collar foster a greater desire to learn?

People tend to have strong opinions about electronic collars and remote collar training for dogs. As  you have probably come to understand here at The Truth, the only opinions we feel have any validity are from those people who actually use and train with the equipment. Anything else is nothing more than speculation at best and fear-mongering at worst.

The opinions we like to share are sometimes from professional trainers, but most often from average pet owners like yourself. It is you, the dog owner, who loves your pet and knows them better than anyone else. You know if your dog is happy and enjoying the process of learning.

The following words are from a client of Pj Stull in St. Louis, MO. The note is brief, but the sentence; “It almost seems like she takes on a desire to learn and to please as soon as that remote collar goes on.” stood out. I am sure the fear-mongers would say that is because the dog is afraid or trying to avoid pain but the reality is Jeff in St. Louis probably knows his dog pretty well and if she was fearful or in pain when the collar goes on….well, I doubt he would keep using the tool. Casey looks pretty content sitting there on the table.

These people who actually use the collar regularly for training know the truth, the dogs love their e-collars. When the receiver comes out the dogs get excited knowing it means they are going outside, going for a walk, going to the park,….the association the dog has created with the collar is a positive one because that is the way that modern remote collars are being used.

So to Jeff and Casey, keep learning new things and enjoy building a lifelong wonderful relationship together. Woof!

“Training with Casey is going quite well. My evening walks with her are, quite frankly, remarkable……It almost seems like she takes on a desire to learn and to please as soon as that remote collar goes on. We’ve been using the collar sporadically throughout the day inside the house, in the back yard and during my walks with her. She’s responding very well to it. Inside the house, she now sits and stays at the door and – -most importantly – – at the top and bottom of stairs when the “WAIT” command is given.”

Jeff in St. Louis, MO

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