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I Love My E-collar and So Does My Dog!

I recently posted a request for cover photos on our I Love My e-collar and so Does My Dog! Facebook page. Whenever we post these requests there is a good response and often stories accompany the photos. Such is the case with Oliver and his owner Kimberley. I appreciate being able to share these stories because I think it is so critical that dog owners understand there are options for tools and methods for training dogs. That concept really needs […]

Off leash freedom for Siberian Husky achieved with help of remote collar training

There are a variety of reasons people consider the use of an e-collar, but one that I hear most frequently is the desire to allow the dog off leash freedom while feeling confident that the dog will come back when called.

Professional Dog Trainers seek more info on Remote Collar Training

It is a busy week here at the training center. Four times a year I teach our E-cademy program and this is one of the those times. The E-cademy was created to

Remote Collar Training Pays Off

Remote collar training for dogs is my area of expertise. And my passion is helping people understand how to use the e-collar in ways that aren’t so, well…… shocking. 😉 In addition to teaching and training here at my facility in Southwest Wisconsin, I spend a fair amount of time on the road traveling and instructing workshops. Here is a small clip from a recent training workshop in Cleveland, OH. The topic for discussion was; does the stimulation need to […]