Electronic collar training: The click that built a reliable recall!

When it comes to teaching a reliable recall their is little doubt that the electronic collar is the fastest and easiest way to do it.

Unfortunately all too often people don’t learn of the e-collar option until they have exhausted all other tools and techniques first. Even more unfortunate is the fact that few trainers are knowledgeable about the use of electronic collar or worse, some shun their use and the unknowing owner never learns of the possibilities that exist for off leash freedom for their dog.

Instead of the off leash freedom they desire people are given a list of restrictions about keeping the dog on leash or not allowing them out of fenced areas. Not only is this short-changing the dog and the owner of the fun they could have, it does nothing to prepare for the possibilities that sometimes leashes break or dog’s slip out the door. Without a reliable recall a dog leads a less than full life.

Having a dog who comes when called all the time, every time is probably the most critical skill a dog can learn. It is the one essential to use for Fido’s bolting down the street, chasing the cat or bicyclist, or to call him away from the door when visitors are trying to come in. Simply put, a reliable recall keeps a dog safe and keeps others from being pestered by dogs that aren’t welcome on their property or jumping on them as they walk down the street.

The electronic collar is not magic and just putting one on the dog doesn’t stop the way-ward pooch who runs willy-nilly over to the neighbors ever time he gets a chance…but it does provide a way to teach the dog to come as soon as he is called. The training process is far fastest than with any other tool on the market and seriously…who doesn’t want fast results?

The following words belong to a client of Tod McVicker of Redeeming Dogs in Dallas, TX. Tod is one of those trainers who understands the use of all tools and their place in the training world. He is one of those few trainers who understand how electronic collars can be used in a positive, motivational way to have a happy healthy dog who listens and comes back when called.

Notice I said “electronic collars used in a positive, motivational way.” I mean every word of that. There is no need for yelping, repeated startled responses or tucked tails in teaching a dog to come when called when using the e-collar. If that is the response a trainer is getting with this tool…they have more to learn. Just as the tools have advanced over the years from the previous idea of “shock collar” so have the techniques. It is a whole new ball game and there are alternative ways to use the electronic collar that enhance the humane canine bond and don’t rely on pain or intimidation as a training technique

“After we lost our first dog, Addie, we were fortunate to find Roxie and bring her home with us. Addie was a fabulous, smart girl, but we spoiled her and never made her mind.  We were determined that we would do a much better job of socializing and training Roxie.
Our priority for Roxie was that she came when called. Her first board and train was in Houston with a well respected obedience trainer. She used only positive methods of training, mostly with food as a reward. Roxie did extremely well. The trainer thought she was brilliant!! She knew all of the commands and as long as you had treats, she would respond.  And she was smart enough that when you didn’t have treats, she wouldn’t obey.

Next I tried several local training facilities, none of which worked out. So I started looking for a local trainer who could come to our house and help us teach Roxie to come when called. That is when I found Tod!!

I have to admit that I was somewhat skeptical of his training methods and his use of an e-collar. Not anymore. After we talked about it and we researched it, we felt it was the best for us. That proved true when we were in Houston this Christmas. My mother lives in the country with an acre of fenced in yard.

Roxie and I were out playing ball one afternoon and she disappeared around the corner. As I called her I saw that she was chasing an armadillo. The amazing thing is that when I called her she came!!!!!”

Rosemary M
Dallas, TX



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  • I was very hesitant to buy a shock collar for our beloved dog, Storm. My husband thought it was the answer to keeping her alive. His words were “it’s better than a dead dog”. I thought, just by the name, that these collars were cruel. Until I did my own reserch and found out otherwise. It’s not about “shocking” your furry friend, but about giving them boundaries and room to run and explore and LIVE!! We have had several shock collars since and have loved them. And they WORK! Our dogs are able to run free and live the lives that they were meant to live! Highly recommend them for your training purposes!!

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