The best tip when you travel with dogs

I travel often and most of the time I’m traveling with dogs. I don’t know how many miles I’ve logged, but it’s enough to have accumulated some knowledge about the ins and outs of being on the road with a furry friend in tow. 

One thing I’m highly aware of is the need to monitor closely when we make rest stops. When I say monitor, I mean really monitor. I turn the “hawk eyes” on, and pay attention to every detail. 

It is too easy to pay the price for mediocre vigilance, because believe me, your dog is paying attention to every detail!

A dog’s primary way to learn about their environment is through their sense of smell. That means as soon as your pup is out of the car, the nose will be twitching toward whatever intriguing scent is in the air. And those odors will lure them closer and closer, IF you allow it.

The high traffic nature of gas stations, waysides and rest stops create a canine cornucopia of aroma. Some of those odors lead to dangerous items that can be easily inhailed or consumed.

Travel with dogs

On a recent trip, I was keeping a keen eye on my Duck Toller when her nose went from moderately sniffing the grass to determined ground snuffling. My intervention led to the discovery of a scattering of cooked chicken bones. Apparently it was too much work for someone to toss the remains in the trash. 

My surveillance meant that Diva wasn’t able to snatch and gulp those bones. That was much to her dismay, as you can clearly see reflected in the photo. 😜 If I’d been letting her to her own devices while I stretched my legs, she most certainly would have eaten them and I would have been none the wiser.

I see it all too often. People that travel with dogs stop for a break. They get out of the car and get distracted on their phone while the dog is wandering about on the end of a retractible leash. Don’t be that person. The outcome of not paying attention could cause some serious consequences.

Your dogs depend on you. Keep your adventures safe by being vigilant.
Happy Travels!

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