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Professional E-Collar Dog Training Classes

Professional E-Collar Dog Training Classes: Education and Implementation Angie Scharpf is a fellow trainer who attended our That’s My Dog! E-cademy Professional E- Collar Training Classes created specifically for dog trainers. Angie signed up for our professional E-collar training several years ago and has been successfully implementing e-collar training into her dog obedience programs ever since. We chatted recently and she was telling me of a compliment she received from a client so I asked her if we could share […]

Professional E-collar dog training: 72 hours to change a dog’s life.

This past week I’ve been busy teaching my 10 day professional dog trainers course. We are a week into it, and I wanted to share a few reflections. We started the week with 6 students and a variety of dogs to work with. Most of the students brought either their own dog or a clients dog, plus we had several of our training dogs in residence to work with. On day one, none of the dogs were e-collar literate. They […]

Fear of Remote Collar Dog Training

Fear of Remote Collar Dog Training: Fear of the Unknown Guest post by Michael Burkey, Michigan Dog Trainer Its often said that people are afraid of the unknown, things they do not understand or things they cannot control. For one who has an inquisitive mind though, this concept can be hard to understand. Bear with me for comical side note, I loved to watch David Letterman’s skits where he played a character on the street of New York called “Mr. Curious.” […]