Professional E-Collar Dog Training Classes

Professional E-Collar Dog Training Classes: Education and Implementation

Angie Scharpf is a fellow trainer who attended our That’s My Dog! E-cademy Professional E- Collar Training Classes created specifically for dog trainers.

Angie signed up for our professional E-collar training several years ago and has been successfully implementing e-collar training into her dog obedience programs ever since. We chatted recently and she was telling me of a compliment she received from a client so I asked her if we could share the story here on my blog.

Professional E-collar training done right provides that ability to maintain control because tactile cues gain attention reliably even when the surrounding environment jumps into full throttle energy. And that gives everyone more peace of mind.These words seemed like the perfect short and sweet summary of why e-collar training is so popular among pet owners and trainers.This also proves to me the importance of offering professional E-Collar training classes to dog trainers around the world, emphasizing proper education and implementation.

“I have done obedience training with my 115-pound puppy before, but as soon as we were faced with any distractions, it was nearly impossible to get his attention. The ability to adjust the intensity of the e-collar depending upon the distraction level was fantastic and made us feel like we had options when things got chaotic! The ability for Alvie to understand what we want from him makes our relationship with him so much better. We love our puppy more than anything, and are so happy to be able to communicate with him effectively : Thank you.”

-Rebecca Dirks

If you are interested in chatting with Angie about training for your dog contact her at Pack Leaders Dog Training in Marion, Iowa. Angie is one of the many talented e-collar experts listed on our referral page. Angie has attended and graduated our E-Cademy Professional E-Collar Training Classes and now shares her expertise with clients in Iowa.
To learn more about finding an E-Collar trainer click here and you can find an E-Cademy Graduate near you here!

*Updated 1/31/16


  • I have two 18 month old Great Danes that are showing aggression towards people when they are on our property. They bit a trainer I had out to evaluate them. I’m really struggling and wanted to hear your thoughts

    • Hi Colleen, It sounds like they are possibly displaying some territorial behavior, but is not enough information for me to really give you an informed opinion. If you are interested in setting up a time to chat you can book a consulting session through this link.
      warm regards,

  • Hi,
    I’m looking to see if e-collar training would work for our 9yr old chiwawa mix. She has aggression towards ANY other dog, on and off leash. She’ll bark at anyone, chews all our baseboards and doors and pees in the house still if we leave or overnight AFTER being walked or let out. We’ve had her since she was 2mos old, I want to say it all started when a pit bull who was unleashed ran towards her not once but twice so my reaction didn’t help. Also since then we’ve introduced 3 children and she was involved in a house fire where firemen rescued her 3yrs ago. Her aggression has just gotten worse over the years and I 100% know anxiety is involved as well. But her aggression towards other dogs has us at a loss, we can not have any friends over with their dogs and she’s bolted out of the house to attack a dog walking by with his owner twice now and we are afraid of will happen if it happens again. She has been in a doggy daycare for the past 5yrs, once a week to help with socializing skills, but that hasn’t helped at all, the running joke is that she’s the tiniest one but let’s everyone know she’s the queen. Redirecting her is impossible, once she’s locked on she’s hard and will bite is if we try to redirect her on leash. She’s 9lbs of anger and anxiety. We tried create training again, but had to stop because she would break out of it by chewing it to get out then we had it welded shut, but after 6months we stopped since we felt it was causing her anxiety to skyrocket rather than improve. She truly HATED it.
    We honestly just don’t know what else to do.

    • Hi Cindy,

      I wish I had some easy advice for you, but given that she is 9 and has been showing this behavior for a long time, I suspect you have your work cut out for you changing it. Even an older dog CAN learn new and improved behavior, but with the variety of complexities you have going on, I would suggest you seek out a professional trainer with a long career history of working with behavioral rehab cases. Your situation is one that isn’t going to be solved (in all likelihood) with just one tool or technique. The e-collar may be helpful in redirecting to some obedience or interrupting the barking, but you also likely need some counter-condition and desensitization work. Plus, at 9 I would encourage a very thorough vet work up to rule out any potential underlying health issues. If you want to send me an email with your location, I can see if I can put you in contact with someone able to help.
      warm regards,

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