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Professional Dog Trainer Continuing Education (T3)

Robin has been instructing professional trainers since 2002. Both novice and experienced trainers have sought her out to expand their skill set and achieve higher levels of success.

She is widely regarded as an industry leader for her expertise in remote collar training. Her work is utilized in drafting training guidelines and helping to guide product development. Robin has also written for various trade journals and periodicals.

While most of her career is dedicated to pet dog training, she has also assisted numerous police K9 units and service dog organizations to incorporate remote collar training into their programs.

Robin offers professional trainer education through several options. Her one week E-cademy program is offered twice a year in Iowa and can be taught at your facility upon request. She is also available for staff continuing education at your facility as well as one to one private shadow training programs.

Robin is a passionate instructor. She challenges each student to move out of their comfort zone so they grow more skilled. Students leave her programs with a fresh perspective on remote collars and the profession of dog training!

Studying with Robin provides opportunity to:

demonstration during a professional dog trainer continuing education session
  • Learn the history behind remote collar development.
  • Practice hands on with a variety of dogs.
  • Learn how to conduct both private and group lessons.
  • Incorporate remote collar techniques for various situations including: routine obedience, aggressive behaviors and fear or shyness issues.
  • Learn how to best utilize food, toys, and other tools in conjunction with e-collars to best assist pet owners.
  • Examine dog psychology and the natural science behind why remote collar training works so efficiently.
  • Unravel the secrets of timing, cadence and pressure and how they relate to both motivating performance and calming to reduce stress.
  • Sharpen the ability to read body language and utilizing the skill to create faster rapport with canine and human alike.
  • Learn to conduct effective behavior evaluations to gain more insight to the dogs and humans you need to work with.
  • Understand how health issues can dramatically alter the success of training and rehabilitation efforts.
  • Discuss working with a pack to assist rehabilitation efforts with dog reactivity and aggression.
  • Learn networking and marketing ideas to increase revenue.
  • Discover more effective coaching solutions so you can assist your clients to higher levels of success.

Plus much more…

Training with Robin gives students the confidence and experience to implement new techniques that will dramatically increase success and levels of satisfaction with their clientele.

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Graduates of Robin’s programs have much to say about their time invested in this education. See what other trainers have to say on the testimonial page.