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E-cademy Sept 2021 Dubuque, IA

Robin began instructing professional dog trainers in 2002. Since that time, both novice and experienced trainers have enhanced their skills by working with her.

Her E-cademy program is continuing education geared toward training professionals in the pet industry. Candidates should have a minimum of two years experience in the industry. The five day course takes the student from introduction of a green dog to the e-collar, through a sequenced program that provides the pet dog owner off leash ability with their dog. Training formats for private lessons, board and train, day training and group classes are discussed.
The professional trainer’s course focuses on improving proficiency of e-collar use, as well as improving the trainer’s instructional abilities. You can not have a successful pet training business without developing your ability to work with people. Honing instructor skills is a key part of the E-cademy experience.

Please note: by special request, the curriculum can be adjusted for other areas of expertise including police K9 handlers and service dog organizations. If you are interested in a course of private instruction for your organization or facility, please inquire.

Working with Robin will give you a fresh perspective on remote training collars and the art of instructing.

Topics include:

demonstration during a professional dog trainer continuing education session
  • The history and notable trainers behind remote collar development.
  • The science and psychology behind remote collar use and how to discuss them with your clients.
  • Adapting your application to the situation: routine obedience, vs aggressive behaviors, vs fear issues.
  • Combining other tools with e-collar use.
  • When and how to use food, toys and other motivators effectively in conjunction with e-collar pressure.
  • How timing, cadence and pressure influence performance and how to use them effectively for the dog in front of you.
  • Incorporating e-collar training with fearful or anxious dogs.
  • Skills that build rapport with both the dogs and the humans.
  • E-collar instruction for both private and group lessons.
  • Assessing the dogs and the humans you’re working with. Why reading one without the other will get you in trouble.
  • Understanding basic health issues that impact the dog’s behavior.
  • Using a pack to assist your rehabilitation efforts.
  • Designing classes that are fun, challenging and generate revenue.
  • …and so much more!

This is an immersion course. Participants will spend hands on time working with dogs.

The next Train the Trainer course is April 22nd – 26th, 2022
Contact for further details and curriculum.

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