Professional Dog Training Continuing Education (T3)

Professional Dog Trainer Continuing Education


Robin’s Dog Trainer Professional Program is specifically designed for those interested in learning the art and science of remote collar dog training applications.

Robin is a leading authority on the art and science of e-collar training. She has served as a consultant for all of the leading collar manufacturers, assisted ECMA and PETT in drafting national and international training guidelines and procedures, written for several trade journals, including Police K9 Magazine, helped numerous law enforcement agencies with e-training their detection and patrol dogs, including handlers and dogs on the Pentagon Police K9 team who have used her services to assist with training issues. All of this while successfully operating That’s My Dog! Inc which trains over 300 dogs annually at the Dubuque, IA facility.

Since 2002, Robin’s E-cademy program has been teaching other professional dog trainers cutting edge techniques that provide practical solutions for today’s pet owner.  Many trainers, from novice to experienced, have attended her program and gone on to achieve high levels of success helping pet owners and building their businesses.

In May of 2017 Robin taught her last E-cademy session and took a brief sabbatical from working with professional trainers. Her goal was to find a more effective way to enhance learning and create an individualized experience tailored to better meet the needs of each student.

Robin now offers private mentoring and shadowing to trainers that are deeply dedicated to enhancing their craft. Booking time with Robin means one to one attention to focus on your needs and goals as a professional trainer. This one to one approach allows each student to gain maximum benefit in building their level of knowledge and skill. The program is taught in an informal setting creating an atmosphere conducive for learning.

Students will study with Robin daily in a private setting and have opportunity to shadow her and her staff at That’s My Dog! Inc. Hands on learning with dogs of varying breed, age and temperament is provided as well as witnessing real time progression through private lessons and group classes. This unique opportunity facilitates an individuals ability to maximize the experience and begin successfully implementing newly acquired skills.

Small group training can be arranged for a maximum of 3 students, provided those students are on equal footing in terms of experience.

Studying with Robin provides opportunity to:

  • Practice skills and techniques while training a variety of dogs of varying dispositions.
  • Participate in private and group lessons.
  • Learn remote collar applications for every aspect of dog behavior including: Dominance aggression, fear issues, shyness and separation anxiety.
  • Learn to utilize food, toys, and a variety of other tools in conjunction with this methodology.
  • Examine dog psychology and the science behind why remote collar training works so efficiently.
  • Unravel the secrets of timing, cadence and pressure and how they relate to motivating a dog to perform at a higher level or calm a dog to reduce anxiety and stress.
  • Sharpen your eye for body language cues and learn how to utilize it to create faster rapport with canine and human alike.
  • Learn the dialogue of effective behavior evaluations to gain more insight to the dogs you will work with.
  • Understand how various health issues and concerns can dramatically alter the outcome or success of training and rehabilitation efforts.
  • Experience working with a pack environment to assist rehabilitation efforts with dog reactivity and aggression.
  • Discuss networking and marketing ideas that can increase revenue.
  • Discover coaching solutions that will assist your clients in having higher levels of success.

Plus much more…

The goal of the program is to give students the confidence and experience needed to implement new techniques and coaching tactics that will dramatically increase success and levels of satisfaction with their clientele.

Please contact to learn more and request the Professional Trainer Program application form.

Graduates of Robin’s programs have much to say about their time invested in this education. See what other trainers and clients have to say about her coaching abilities on this testimonial page.