What Do You Think of Remote Collar Training for Dogs?

E Collars for Dogs?

If you are looking for an opinion about remote training collars for dogs, ask someone who is using the tool what their thoughts are.

At least that is what we believe here at The Truth About Shock Collars…generally if you want a referral or opinion about something it makes sense to ask someone with first hand knowledge of the service or product, wouldn’t you agree?

What you will probably find out rather quickly is that actual users know that remote training collars don’t need to be shocking at all in order to work effectively.

Well, don’t just take our word for, watch the video and see what others have to say:

The sensation needs to be noticeable in order to get the dog’s attention, and at times it needs to be annoying to interrupt unwanted behaviors. But noticeable and annoying don’t equate to painful or fearful, so beware of misinformation spread by well intentioned but unknowing individuals who really don’t have experience with the tools.

Training with a remote collar isn’t overly complicated. Understanding how to use the shock collar so it is not really a shock at all just takes a little knowledge and understanding of what just the right level is for your dog.

If you go back to some of our earlier posts, you find a great deal of information about getting attention by using a remote training collar rather than using a shock collar. Remember, it is just a tool, and it’s effectiveness and humaneness is about technique.

Thank you to Kathy & Steve for sharing their thoughts.

* Vito recently participated in our Learn and Play Day School program. Under our guidance, he and his family are doing great! 


  • Ask someone that knows…now there is excellent advice in just about any arena. You wouldn’t ask your local plumber if network marketing is the thing to get into? Or ask your electrician how to change a tire? Ask someone who knows!!!! Great advice and unfortunately so many people don’t take the time to do so before forming their own opinions about something such as shock collars for dogs or bark control collars and so on.
    And Deb – so happy you took the time to be informed and yes, I too, would love to hear more of your story! I have a sister in law with severe MS and her pets mean the world to her!!

    We have had great success with our dogs and shock collars. We love them and they love us!! Our German Shorthair only wears hers now just to remind her. Haven’t had to actually use the stimulation in years…only the sound warning should she wonder too far. Then boom – she is right back at our side.
    Thanks Robin and “Truth About Shock Collars”!!!

  • This is a comment I posted to the Ban Shock Collars FB page…I didn’t mention that I have MS and would have lost my dog if it wasn’t for the proper training with an e-collar:
    I thought that e-collars were terrible but I was shown how they should work by a certified trainer. An e-collar used properly should never hurt the dog. Our dog had aggression issues even after consulting with 3 trainers, obedience classes and training everyday. Not only would we never harm our dog but pain would’ve increased aggression. Using an e-collar with the proper training, has given us a happy, well adjusted dog that is trustworthy. Stopping the use of e-collars may be well intended but don’t lump it all together with a total ban. If we hadn’t found a good trainer that specialized in training with an e-collar, our dog might not be here today. If you want to ban e-collars then it should be done so that they can’t be purchased except through a certified trainer. They are training tools that used the right way can be invaluable. I wouldn’t tolerate any one mistreating an animal! I must stress that with proper training an e-collar is a good tool.

    • Hello Deb,

      Nice to hear from you. I would be interested in hearing more of your story. In fact, it may be a good post for this blog. If you are interested in possibly writing something up, please contact me via my e-mail Robin@ThatsMyDog.com

      have a great day!

  • Every single client that I have showed the shock/remote/e-collar to and have them feel it for themselves have described it as a tingling sensation and not painful or shocking. A common response from them is, “wow, I’m shocked (pun intended) that it doesn’t hurt.”

    Then the next common response happens about 10 minutes into working with their dog and the collar. They are surprised and delighted that they are now able to walk their dog for the first time in a long long time.

    People who are educated on the collar know that it is very effective and humane. Those who oppose it are ones who have not tried it with a qualified trainer.

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