Thankful for Dogs

Here in the US we will be celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow. It is a day to remember all that we are grateful for. With that in mind, I did not want to over look extending my gratitude here.

So, for those of you who read this blog and comment regularly, thank you for sticking beside me on this topic. As prickly as it can get from time to time I appreciate your wear-with-all in helping others understand the true nature of what we do and that we’re not “just shocking dogs.”

For those of you who read this blog and disagree with my viewpoint and take the time to comment, thank you for reading and expressing your opinion. I choose to believe that despite our differences our mutual goal is always to act in the best interests of the dogs and clients we strive to help.

Thank you to my staff at That’s My Dog! Without you all doing your jobs so well I would not have the available time and resources that afford me the ability to maintain this site.

To my professional colleagues, thank you for the things you share with me and the inspiration you provide. I have deep gratitude for our friendships.

Thank you to my many clients over the years. Since I chose to embark on the path of discovering all the possibilities this tool can afford…you’ve validated to me time and time again, it was the right thing to do. For your trust in myself and my employees I am eternally grateful.

To the dogs, my personal dogs past and present and the thousands I have worked with over these 20+  years in the animal profession. I owe you most of all.

You’ve taught me to be humble, because just when I thought I knew it all, you show me something new. You may drive me crazy one minute but you always leave me laughing the next. Perhaps most importantly you always remind me to stay present and in the moment. I am thankful for that.

…oh, and I do appreciate when you clean up after yourself when you eat too fast and end up puking it all up. I’m a bit of a pansy about that, so thanks for taking care of it! 🙂



  Is there anything your dog has taught you that you are thankful for?

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