Those “WoW moments” of remote collar dog training.

Maverick just finished his 2 week remote collar dog training program. Today he and his owner showed up for their final private lesson before they join in our group polishing classes. I was sitting at my desk and watched as his owner pulled up, got him out of the truck, had him walk in a nice heel to the door, sit for the door to be opened then came in and greeted us all politely by sitting (rather than the previous jumping up!). It certainly put a smile on my face.

This young Gordon Setter was relaxed and confident and so was his owner. Truly delightful to see after such a short time of training.

Maverick is still a young dog (7 – 8 months old) and his owner already had a Tri-tronics remote collar. He’s been running him on birds and exposing him to his “working life” but he wanted some coaching on how to use it to teach basic house manners and obedience so it would be easier to live with an energetic bird dog.

The real icing on the cake this morning was Maverick did all of this off leash. 🙂

And that made it a WOW moment for me. Even though I’ve done this type of training for years and I know the possibilities…not every team gets it quite that fast. It just reaffirmed how much is possible when the concepts really click and the team learns how to use the e-collar as a communication device to provide tangible information to the dog.

What a great way to start the week!

Kudo’s to Maverick and his “dad”. I’m looking forward to watching his progress continue to unfold!




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