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Dogtra E-Collar ARC Review : Love at First Site

The Dogtra E-Collar ARC: Advanced Receiver Concept (ARC) Review   The new Dogtra E-Collar Advanced Receiver Concept (ARC) arrived and it was as I had expected…sleek on the dog. It drew a hallelujah from me immediately. A package I’ve been waiting for finally made it into my hands today. Take a look at the new e-collar on my boy, Tommy.   The training community, particularly the pet training community, IMO, has been waiting for a streamline receiver for a very long […]

Remote Collar Training for Dogs: The Problem with the Numbers…

Remote Collar Training for Dogs Requires Skill? There are several skills one must master in order to become proficient at remote collar training for dogs. Learning when to tap the button and how to help the dog understand the sensation are two of the main components for success. But the one that seems most intimidating for the novice handler is understanding how to adjust the stimulation level appropriately for the dog. The e-collar instructional dvd’s  I created were titled “Just […]

Remote Collar Training; Teaching your Dog to Come When Called, The Easy Way

Remote collar training is the absolutely the easiest and fastest way to teach your dog a recall. And the single most important skill you should teach your dog is to come when called. A reliable recall (one that hold up even with distractions like squirrels, other dogs, children and bicycles) gives you peace of mind that your dog is safe AND gives your dog the ultimate delight that comes with the joy of being able to run free. Lots of […]