Remote Collar Training; Teaching your Dog to Come When Called, The Easy Way

remote collar training a dog to come when called

Remote collar training is the absolutely the easiest and fastest way to teach your dog a recall.

And the single most important skill you should teach your dog is to come when called.

A reliable recall (one that hold up even with distractions like squirrels, other dogs, children and bicycles) gives you peace of mind that your dog is safe AND gives your dog the ultimate delight that comes with the joy of being able to run free.

Lots of dog professionals will tell you it takes months or even years to achieve such training. They may even tell you certain breeds can never be trusted off leash.

Those people don’t know how to use a remote collar properly.

The professional dog trainers and dog behaviorists who do understand how to use an electronic training collar can achieve that result in two weeks or less. And they they can do it without undo stress to your dog.

It is the way it should be. Dog’s should be able to enjoy off leash freedom and you should rest easy knowing your dog will come back when called.

Case in point, Mary and her dog Sarah.

shock collar for teaching a dog to come when called

Hi Robin,
My husband and I want to say a big “Thank You” for training Sarah, our Field Bred English Springer Spaniel. She’s a sweet, young dog that listened and behaved well in the house but when she got outside her breeding took over. We have 16 acres of woods and fields – heaven for a dog if they can can be trusted off leash. Unfortunately she couldn’t be. The sights and sounds of the outdoors completely trumped anything we asked her to do. We could not have her off leash for fear that she would run off or run into the road. If we wanted to enjoy our property the only thing we could do was to put her on a leash – not exactly practical or fun through woody, brushy areas or while trying to do outdoor work. The difference after your remote collar training is amazing! We call – she comes! She will even give up chasing a mouse to come when called. Now she never has a leash on when we’re outside on our own property. It is simply not necessary. She has become the outdoor buddy we had hoped for!

Thanks again,

Mark and Mary Janicek

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