My dog just had surgery, Could a shock collar help speed her recovery?

Is it possible that training with an electronic “shock collar” could be a health benefit to the dog?

That sounds like a big question doesn’t it?

Is it a trick question? I suppose that depends on how you look at it. Over here at The Truth About Shock Collars there is always more than one angle!  And as our regular readers know, we don’t really think they are collars that are all that shocking. It is just the revelation of the truth that stuns some people. (yes, that pun was intended!) 🙂

Read the interesting note below to discover another dog owners opinion of how the collar not only enhanced her training and relationship with her young Labrador Retriever  but also how it was an added benefit during times of some health problems the pup went through. Delta lives in Rhinelander, WI and was fortunate to train with Sharon Larson of Canine Coach. With Sharon’s help, Delta and her family were able to get through some challenging times with relative ease

We’ve heard similar stories from some of our clients. Being able to have off leash control of the dog during times of physical limitation can be a huge help. A pager vibration or light stim has also kept many dogs from chewing their sutures out without needing to wear those lampshades on their heads or being drugged into la-la land.

When we understand that the “shock collar” really isn’t a shocking device, the training world unfolds to a myriad of possibilities for better communication with our canine friends. In some cases even the possibility of keeping them healthier and speeding recovery.

Glad you’re feeling better Delta!

labrador retriever shock collarMy husband and I became new proud owners of a Lab puppy, Delta. We were both looking forward with anticipation and apprehension as to what this new bundle of joy was to bring into our life. Now, having a 13 and 9 year Lab with health issues, a new, healthy puppy was sure to be a breath of fresh air. As a co-worker of Sharon’s, I was able to pick her brain daily with questions of what to expect, how to train, and even borrowed books to freshen up my training skills.  My husband and I knew we wanted Sharon’s help to train Delta with an electronic collar. We had seen how well her client’s canines took to the collar and were well behaved.

We started Delta out young wearing the collar around to get used to the feeling. She soon learned sit, come, stay, wait, and off. She progressed quickly and was a quick learner, although she was strong willed at times. Best of all, she was a happy puppy and never seemed afraid to learn or try anything new.

All of a sudden we were thrown a curve ball!! At 13 weeks old, Delta developed a tear of her ACL in her left knee while playing with our 9 year old Lab. It took us a couple weeks and a visit to a specialist to get her final diagnosis. What to do with a puppy on exercise restrictions for weeks and a full orthopedic surgery soon to come?

Thank goodness she had already started her training program. We were able to control her actions with the collar and it came in so handy! She knew to listen to us without us yelling at her and getting blue in the face. She was good on a leash (sometimes it was tough!) and we were able to stop her actions when she was getting rowdy with the simple command “off”. I am sure that if she had not started her training, she would have been an uncontrollable handful of a puppy that was on house confinement for 4 weeks after surgery!! We were able to work her mind to tire her out in the house.

With Sharon’s help, we have a wonderful Lab puppy that is happy-go-lucky, loves to learn and is eager to please.  What an asset Sharon is to the training community!

Note: I want to point out that Delta had started a program of training. She was e-collar literate and was under the guidance of a skilled trainer. I am not advocating someone with NO knowledge of this tool run out and buy a remote collar because their dog just had surgery and they are frustrated trying to keep the dog calm and contained. If you are looking for help training with a remote collar, check our list of qualified professionals or contact me here for more information.

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