Remote Electronic Collar Education Helps Dog Owners in Fresno

how to use shock collars for dog training

Instructing workshops to pet owners on how to train their dogs with remote collars is one of
my favorite activities.
Many thank you's go out to Tara from K9 Action for inviting me to conduct a dog training
workshop this past weekend in Reedly, CA.
We had a wonderful group of people gathered who were all interested in learning
more about the possibilities of remote collar training for their dogs. Below is an
e-mail I just received from one of the attendees.
Also a special thank you to Alex from the Dogtra Company for coming to visit and
their continued support. 

Dear Robin,

I had the privilege of auditing your seminar this past weekend, June 12-13,

Like many others, as a youngster, I was told by my parents to stay away from
the electrical outlets because electricity will hurt.  I grew up with that
information reinforced by accidently touching the inside of a light socket,
hitting the electric fence used to keep in the livestock (more than once),
and most recently, within the past 6 months, assisting with remodeling a
home, where I was shocked while trying to affix new outlet covers onto the
wall.  So, needless to say, I am very afraid of electricity and “e”

Fortunately, however, notwithstanding, I attended your seminar in Reedley,
California.  I was intrigued by your explanation of how to utilize an
e-collar to enhance communication with my dog, instead of punishing my dog.

Yet, even still, I was very fearful and uncertain.  When asked who had never
felt this collar, I identified myself, never anticipating your intentions!  I
had no desire at this point to use an e-collar on my dog or to feel the
stimulation personally!  Even so, with much apprehension and your
encouragement, I took the collar in my hand.  Surprisingly, at the level of
communication, the e-collar stimulation felt funny, but not painful.
this was convincing; my fear of “hurting or ruining” my dog was alleviated.

I focused intently on the information delivered for the remainder of the
workshop.  I asked many questions and took copious notes on the
implementation of remote collar communication.  I wanted to support my
relationship with my dog, and enjoy the freedom and confidence inspired, by
this enhanced relationship.

At the conclusion of the Workshop, it was time for me to implement what I
had observed.  I was uncertain and tentative as I proceeded with my notes.  As
I worked through the steps demonstrated repeatedly throughout the workshop,
I was pleased and amazed with my surprisingly great success.  I felt an
enhanced communication between myself and my dog – It was really great!

I continued working with this style of communication when I arrived home.  The
following morning (Monday 6/14/10), we (my dog and I) began again,
successfully, with this new communication style.  This evening (Monday
6/14/10), we attended our regular sport dog training class; the improvement
in my dog’s performance was remarkable!  An especially challenging aspect of
our training included long outruns and recalls – this evening this was
executed with unbelievable finesse.  This was monumental for me!!!

I cannot thank you enough for the door you have opened for me and my dog.  I
only wish I could have learned about this style of training and
communication from you, when I purchased my dog as a baby.  I am excited
about the fun our continued training will afford as we proceed in our life

Thank you again for this methodology; and for your patient, supportive, and
encouraging instruction this past weekend.


Michelle Heart

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