Cincinnati, Ohio Dog Training Workshop

If you are curious about how to use a remote collar to train your dog, attend this upcoming workshop in Cincinnati, Ohio.

On March 29th & 30th I will be joining Virginia Simpson from Unleashed Obedience to teach the fundamentals of e-collar training. We are looking forward to an invigorating weekend of working dogs and learning together.

So if you have a young dog who is ready to get started down the path to amazing reliability and off leash freedom or an older dog who is in need of brushing up their behavior, this is the place to start. We welcome dogs of any age, breed and temperament to join us.

One of the bonuses of attending this workshop is it will bring you up to speed to learn more advanced skills later in 2014 when I revisit Ohio to teach an advanced workshop and a retrieve clinic. Trainers and pet owners should attend. This workshop will expand your understanding of dogs, training and all that can be achieved a remote collar and its wide variety of applications. You will be amazed at how much can be accomplished in just 2 days and I promise you a few ‘ah-ha’ moments as you learn more about my philosophy and approach to working with your dog.

Here is a brief bit of what I’ll be demonstrating:

  • Proper fit and collar conditioning techniques.
  • How to teach basic obedience (come, sit/stay, place, loose lead walking)
  • How to deal with behavior problems (resource guarding, door bolting, chasing, aggression, etc.)
  • What is truth and what is myth regarding remote collars. (collar wise?, burning? do they cause pain?)
  • What does your dog think about the training? (and that really is the MOST important question – come find out)

For more information or to register: 513.891.DOGS (3647) or

Me and Ms. Diva will see you there!


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