Need help with E-collar Training?

It is starting out another busy dog training week here in the office at That’s My Dog! Inc. We’ve been pretty steady through the entire winter, but as the weather warms up, things get even busier. This week is no different and there has been the added influx of e-mails from people around the country and world seeking assistance with questions about remote collars and how to train with them. As this blog continues to grow I am getting more and more requests for assistance.

So I want to remind everyone to please check our Trainer Referral listing to see if there is someone qualified in your area. And even if they are not right in your immediate vicinity it may be well worth your time to travel to the nearest qualified expert. If you don’t find someone on this list, please check the list of my TMD e-collar training program graduates also.

If there isn’t anyone within a reasonable drive to assist with your training in person, then at minimum purchase the Just Right Training dvd’s to learn more about proper e-collar conditioning before you start working with your dog. If you need further help after starting with the video instructions I am also available via long distance coaching programs and telephone consultations.

Woof! ~ robin

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