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Remote collars only make aggression worse. (or so they say)

Below is video footage of a dog-dog aggression case we worked recently. A remote collar was one of the tools used in working to modify the behavior. Some people will tell you that using a remote collar for these types of cases is only going to make things worse. You can be the judge. Did it work, didn’t it work? Did it make things worse, did it make things better? My opinion? It depends who’s doing the work and howRead more “Remote collars only make aggression worse. (or so they say)”

Bugsy – Another happy outcome of e-collar training and a dog that doesn’t get re-homed, again.

Thanks to Rachel for sharing her story about Bugsy. Once you read it you will “hear” the enthusiasm! Another pet owner who is over the moon happy that she was able to find a  trainer who could give her some real results and improve her relationship  with her dog. And notice in the story that