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Here they come!

One of the many reasons I like training with an electronic dog collar is because I believe it is a quicker path to off leash freedom for a dog. Rather than using the tool as a “shock collar” and punishing a dog for none compliance, myself and many other professional dog trainers world-wide are using  e-collar stimulation as a prompt to gain a dogs attention in the midst of distractions. Once the tap on the shoulder gets the dogs attentionRead more “Here they come!”

Remote collars only make aggression worse. (or so they say)

Below is video footage of a dog-dog aggression case we worked recently. A remote collar was one of the tools used in working to modify the behavior. Some people will tell you that using a remote collar for these types of cases is only going to make things worse. You can be the judge. Did it work, didn’t it work? Did it make things worse, did it make things better? My opinion? It depends who’s doing the work and howRead more “Remote collars only make aggression worse. (or so they say)”

Remote Collar Training + A Devoted Dog Owner = A Happy Pack

I recently purchased a two dog Dogtra e-collar unit and took a one-on-one class with Robin MacFarlane of That’s My Dog. Absolutely the best money and time I have ever spent on my dogs. I have a library of dog training books, many by famed authors of dog behavior. I live in a rural area and have taken my dogs to obedience classes for socialization, and because I feel it is important for a balance, well behaved dog. My biggestRead more “Remote Collar Training + A Devoted Dog Owner = A Happy Pack”