Remote Collar Training + A Devoted Dog Owner = A Happy Pack

Remote collar trained dogs

I recently purchased a two dog Dogtra e-collar unit and took a one-on-one class with Robin MacFarlane of That’s My Dog. Absolutely the best money and time I have ever spent on my dogs. I have a library of dog training books, many by famed authors of dog behavior. I live in a rural area and have taken my dogs to obedience classes for socialization, and because I feel it is important for a balance, well behaved dog. My biggest issue was recall. Twice they crossed the road and I knew it was just matter of luck that one day they might be in the wrong place at the wrong time and meet their destiny with a fast moving vehicle. I began searching the Internet for information on an e-collar. It was there I found Robin. Everything I read about these collars, which was very little, expressed how important it was to use them correctly. There seemed to be an underlying negative for using these collars. I’d like to put an end to the negative. Robin and Dogtra e-collars have greatly changed my life with my dogs. I made the journey to the That’s My Dog training facility in Hazel Green, WI. Robin gave me a free demo on both of my dogs who had joined me for the ride. She had immediate results with my dogs, and neither of them were stressed with the collar. They were happy and attentive and following her commands. I purchased the unit then and I worked my dogs with Robin’s instruction for the next couple hours.

When I think of my dog training in the past, it always involves a choke chain. Today, I view choke chains very harsh in comparison to an e-collar. Timing is essential for a dog to understand. That’s the beauty of an e-collar. The dog immediately understands what is expected of him. It’s such a wonderful way to communicate and work with a dog.

Since my training with Robin, I worked with my sister’s dog, who was beginning to develop fear aggression issues. Robin was kind enough to reply to all my questions concerning what I was doing to overcome this behavior. My sister and the entire family are all working together using the e-collar with their dog. I am delighted to hear each day’s progress report of her dog. He is calm and his behavior at charging the fence or the front windows and door has stopped with the collar’s use. And my sister’s quote? The best money she ever spent on her dog! The whole family is happy and enjoying their dog more than ever before. I look forward to her phone calls.

Thank you Robin. From a dog lover, who is not a professional trainer, but is serious about having well behaved and balanced dogs, I am forever grateful. I highly recommend Robin MacFarlane to guide you in working with an e-collar. You and your dog will be a well balanced pack.

Eileen Balcom-Vetillo

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