The quality of Remote dog collar training.

Remote dog collar training is as much of an art as it is a science. And art is usually about quality not quantity.

I know for a fact there aren’t enough quality dog trainers around. That statement is easily represented by the amount of dog problems that are present world-wide. If more people really “got it” in regards to dogs, we just wouldn’t see the issues of aggression, fear, and behavioral instability that we see. “Getting it” means being educated. Educated about dogs in how they think and learn, about breed characteristics, about health issues and about all the tool that can be used to help owners communicate more effectively with them. Professional dog trainers should have that rounded education and their job is to then go out and spread the word. If we as pro’s tip too far to the all positive or too far to the all compulsion side of the scale…well, we’re not doing anyone any favors, particularly the dogs.

My niche part of the education package is teaching a course on remote collars and their various applications. My focus is heavily tipped toward e-collars, but what I expect of those I teach is that they understand the value of all tools and techniques. I expect they have a base knowledge of dogs that respects these wonderful animals for what they are, not what we dreamily anthropomorphize them to be. I expect they have a load of patience, they understand the need to teach before holding accountable. I expect they can read basic body language that communicates, too much stress vs not enough expectation. Plus they need enough working knowledge to recognize when underlying health issues may be suspect in behavioral problems so they refer to DVM’s for assistance. Top all of that with an ego that remains humble enough they understand that learning is never finished. Those are the people I like to work with.

With that said, I’m happy to congratulate the most recent group of students who completed our 10 day E-cademy Trainers course. These folks are listed on the That’s My Dog! Graduates Page and our Trainer Referral here. There are now a few more dog trainers circulating that you can count on to provide remote dog collar training humanely and respectfully as part of their training programs.

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