Woof!! and Happy New Year!

We’ve been pretty bogged down here in Iowa with cold, COLD weather and LOTS of snow….but it didn’t stop my 10 year old Malinois, Tommy from wanting to go out and play! A good reminder for me to just keep moving forward and making the best of what ever comes. Dogs are fabulous for being that constant ‘in the moment’ presence in our lives.

So what ever your New Year’s resolutions or hopes for self- improvement include this coming year  here’s my reminder to add a little something in there designed especially for your dog.

In fact I came up with a few possibilities for your consideration:

Learn a new trick or two.

Take your canine pal on a monthly visit to someone who needs their spirits lifted.

Include walks that allow you both to ‘just be’ and sniff out all the wonders of the woods, the beach or the quiet park at the end of the street.

Commit to a better weekly grooming routine (fur, feet, teeth and ears) so Fido looks, smells and feels good.

Upgrade to a healthier diet. Yes, for both of you! 🙂

Donate some time or resources to a rescue or shelter in your area.

Find a weekend get-away where you both can have some fun. (like our Dog Camp in June!)

More exercise. Yes, for both you! 🙂


robin macfarlane


or as the sign in my office says: Bark Less, Wag More & Play Often!
Happy New Year to everyone.

Robin, Tommy & Diva



  • Oh the hot spots had nothing to do with the e-collar, he got them in a totally different spot from the pressure points. He got them from playing with a friends dog they play very rough and sometimes the other dog will like tug on his neck until he cuts him and he cut him a bunch on his neck and they have a dirty pool there and he got infected by that dirty water.

    His on a raw diet, raw meats and veggies and is otherwise quite healthy, I think its just cause his fur and skin is so floppy (mastiff like) that because he was cut the dirty bacteria infected it and got trapped in his floppy skin. Because if I hose him off as soon as I get home he never gets them, this one time I was careless 🙁

    • ah, I see. Fabulous to hear he is on a raw diet! Give the big guy a good belly rub from me and I’ll look forward to seeing video of him in the future.


  • Man I would love to try out some snow one day, I enjoyed this post, also Robin I haven’t forgot about making that video my dog has just finally healed from multiple hot spots so the e-collar is back after a month and a half break. Now I don’t have to JUST be on these walks “Include walks that allow you both to ‘just be’ and sniff out all the wonders of the woods, the beach or the quiet park at the end of the street.”
    though those walks are the best of all!

    I will be able to take him where other dogs are aswell and not be in ultra alert mode 🙂

    • If you visit Iowa anytime between December and end of March you are pretty certain to experience snow!

      As for your dog getting hot spots, remember to move the receiver every few hours he is wearing it. That helps from developing pressure necrosis in any particular spot. Also if your dog has skin that is easily irritated I would consider making some changes to diet to see if there are ways to strengthen the immune system. Currently I am feeding the Wendy Volhard diet and am very pleased with the results.

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