Dog Training Camp

A weekend of learning and fun with your dog!

Three days of training that will improve the relationship you have with your dog and allow you to have way more fun together!

Off leash reliability = a happier dog and way more fun!

While attending camp you will be introduced to safe, humane and effective e-collar use. The training will give you confidence that you can have off leash control of your dog.

You’ll participate in trick training, movement exercises and fun games to play with your pup. This grows confidence in shy dogs and builds coordination in the young ones!

You will discover simple, easy to implement health and nutrition tips that will result in a healthier lifestyle for your dog.

At dog training camp you will improve your dog’s behavior, but you’ll also learn why your dog does what he does.

Your dog will thank you for coming to camp!

What you will learn:

  • Body language basics: Understanding what your dog is communicating to you, other people and other dogs.
  • You will get an in-depth profile of your dog’s individual personality and learn how to best work with it, rather than against it! 
  • Three games that are super fun but secretly teach your dog to be better behaved around distractions!
  • Two easy tricks that improve your dog’s ability to pay attention to you in any situation.
  • Social skills that help your dog thrive in today’s world.
  • Introduction to E-collars: Understanding the equipment & starting out right.
  • Training techniques for having a happy AND compliant dog.
  • Three skills that every well behaved dog should know and how to teach them. 
  • When and how to use rewards and corrections effectively to create a balanced and respectful partnership.
  • The key mistake to avoid if you want to have a well trained dog.  
  • Identify when you can trust your dog off leash.
  • Why crate training is invaluable in helping your dog be resilient to stress.
  • Problem solving 101 (barking, jumping, play-biting, etc).
  • Two protocols to implement right now that make life with your dog less stressful.
  • Nutrition tips that improve health AND behavior.
  • How to properly introduce your dog to other dogs.

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All breeds are welcome. Dogs should be at least 5 months of age in order to participate. Camp is not for dogs with aggression issues or serious behavior problems.

Please contact us if you have questions about your dogs ability to attend camp.

Attendees must be over 12 years of age. Any handler under the age of 18 must be accompanied by parent or legal guardian. No prior dog training experience is not necessary.

One dog per handler. If you have two dogs you will need two handlers to attend. Same household, second handler for a single dog may attend for an additional fee.

This is an active, hands on workshop. Attendees should be in good physical shape, weather tolerant and able to walk on slightly uneven terrain.

If you do not have a remote collar for your dog, that is okay. Select the Dog/Handler plus E-collar option when registering and we will provide a new remote training collar appropriate for your dog.

Already have a remote collar but are not sure if it is a good choice for your dog? Just bring it with you and if we don’t feel it is the best option, we will provide you a loaner for the workshop and suggest options for purchase.

May 26 – 28, 2023. Register Now!


  • Dog and Handler working spot $995.00
  • Additional Handler (family member) $175.00
  • Dog/Handler plus E-collar $1225.00

Accommodations not included.

A list of local accommodations will be supplied with registration.


  • Date: May 26 – 28th, 2023
  • Location: Earlville, IL hosted by A Whole New Dog
  • Limited enrollment!! So you get the one to one attention needed to be successful.
  • Lunch and Snacks included for all 3 days
  • Fees are 100% refundable if cancellation is received by 04/13/23. 50% refundable if cancellation is received by 04/27/23. 25% refundable if cancellation is received by 05/17/23. No refunds will be given after 05/18/23. However you may elect to transfer your reservation to the next available Dog Camp date.

Come join us for three fun filled days of training your dog. Register Now!

Dog camp is an e-collar based training curriculum, with an emphasis on the whole dog. You won’t leave dependent on the tool, but you will hone your  training skills so you can operate more effectively in real world settings. If you’re ready to have fun and build a better bond with your dog this is the perfect weekend for you. If you have been interested in getting your dog started on e-collar training and want to work with Robin to learn the best techniques, this is a great opportunity.

With emphasis on the whole dog, not only will you learn how to incorporate the e-collar into your training in a way that improves control and obedience, you will learn how to do it in a way that is also fun and engaging for your dog! Robin will help develop your leadership skills so you can communicate better with Fido whether you have the collar on or not. You’ll participate in a wide variety of activities and exercises that will help the shy dogs come out of their shell and help the more assertive dogs to have better impulse control.

Dog camp is specifically created for pet owners who want a fuller life with their dog. If you want an obedient dog who can travel with you and gracefully behave in public settings, this weekend is for you. If you want a dog who is more motivated to listen to you and one you can learn to trust off leash, this weekend is for you. If you want to understand your dog better and learn a few new tricks, this weekend is for you!

Bryon, MN November 18th – 20th.
Three FULL days of training and fun hosted by Leashes and Leads

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