Dog Training Camp

Join us for 3 days of training with Robin and her staff. You’ll learn the basics of obedience and how it is best utilized to create a balanced life style with your dog. This camp is geared toward proper use of an e-collar so that you will gain confidence in having off leash control of your dog.

Our next session is planned for Friday June 9th – Sunday June 11th, 2017

You and Fido will also participate in trick training classes, canine body conditioning and awareness exercises that build confidence and provide mental stimulation. We’ll talk about nutrition and share ideas on how to help our dogs have healthier lives.

Not only will you greatly improve your dog’s training, you’ll understand why your dog does what he does. Knowledge is power and by gaining valuable insight into how your dog thinks and perceives the world, you will become a better dog owner, a better trainer and ultimately enjoy a much better relationship with your canine friend. Your dog will thank you for coming to camp!

Several of our sessions will take place at the That’s My Dog! training facility but we will also be hiking and enjoying the parks and beautiful outdoor regions surrounding Dubuque, IA. If you haven’t visited this little gem of a city on the mighty Mississippi you will be pleasantly surprised.

Who should attend?

Dog camp is an e-collar focused training course, with an emphasis on the “big picture”. If you have done e-collar training but feel you need a bit more honing of your skills to operate more effectively in real world settings or off leash, this is the perfect weekend for you. If you have been interested in getting your dog started on e-collar training and want to work with Robin and her staff to learn the best techniques, this is the perfect place to learn.

With emphasis on the big picture, not only will you learn how to incorporate the e-collar into your training in a way that improves your dog’s obedience, you will learn how to do it in a way that is fun and engaging for your dog. We will help develop your leadership skills so you can communicate better with Fido whether you have the collar on or not. You will participate in a wide variety of activities and exercises that will help the shy dogs come out of their shell and help the more assertive dogs to have better impulse control.



Dog Training Camp


Class is limited to 15 dog and handler teams so Get Registered Now!

What will you learn?

Dog camp is specifically created for pet owners who want a fuller life with their dog. If you want an obedient dog who can travel with you and gracefully behave in public settings, this weekend is for you. If you want a dog who is more motivated to listen to you and one you can learn to trust off leash, this weekend is for you. If you want to understand your dog better and learn a few new tricks, this weekend is for you!

Camp is not intended for dogs who have a serious history of aggression.

Is your dog a little reactive around other dogs? Yes, you are welcome to attend. Camp will help you get a better handle on that reactivity. Is your dog a little skittish and shy? Then dog camp can help you build confidence and make your pooch feel a bit more at ease. And camp is ideal for those young dogs who just need better manners or some improvement around distractions. If you have any questions about whether or not camp is right for your dog please contact

Need to know more about Robin? Check out her Bio page.

$395.00 (includes lunch each day) One dog per handler. 2 dog households must register for 2 working spots and each dog must be accompanied by a handler. Children as young as 12 will be allowed to participate as long as accompanied by an adult. Dog camp is an active endeavor. Handlers and their dogs should be in physical condition to be on their feet and moving through out much of the day.

dog training camp

Camp starts Friday morning at 9:00 am. This is 3 FULL days of training and fun!


  • Orientation
  • Body language basics: How to speak and understand dog.
  • Intro to E-collars: Understanding the equipment
  • Lunch
  • Foundation E-collar training: Learn to Walk nicely on leash, Come, and Stay on a Place.


  • Out and About: Field Trips to new locations for work around real world distractions.
  • Lunch
  • Problem Solving 101
  • Health & Nutrition and the role they play in your dog’s behavior.


  • Games & Tricks: Play training and how it plays a major role in having a better behaved dog.
  • Open Q & A
  • Lunch
  • Hike: Learning to “be” with our dogs in a more productive way.
  • Moving Forward & Closing: Attendees receive an individualized plan of “what to do next”.

Dog Friendly accommodations can be made here.

This is a great canine friendly get-away and the perfect fit if you are looking to enhance and fine-tune the relationship with your dog.

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