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Upcoming Workshops

March 11th – 12th Fresno, CA E-collar Training Workshop – (Sold Out)

This workshop will give attendees a solid overview of Robin’s approach and philosophy of e-collar use and application. Handlers will actively participate with their dogs throughout the two days in a hands on format that maximizes the learning experience for both. Plus, they will have a significant amount of fun the entire time!

The following topics will be demonstrated and discussed:

  • How to better read the dog’s behavior so that dog handlers sharpen their skills on appropriate level selection.
  • Understanding the difference between confusion and disobedience and the pivotal role it plays in deciding the course of action for successful training.
  • Teaching the minimal 3 action introduction so the dog has comprehension of push, pull and stationary behavior when under e-collar pressure.
  • How to begin proofing reliability by applying the objectives of Duration, Distraction & Distance factors into the training.
  • The importance of proper sequencing to aid the dog in a smoother and faster progression toward goals.
  • How the e-collar fits into a program with other tools and techniques.
  • How to achieve not only a reliable outcome but one that does not deflate the dog nor diminish drive.
  • The most common problems novice users experience and how to solve them.

This workshop is geared toward professional dog trainers and handlers. Dog enthusiasts and pet owners are welcome but a basic understanding of dog behavior and handling skills are assumed. All breeds and behaviors are welcome. However, dogs with a confirmed bite history must be approved prior to registration.

Working positions are SOLD OUT. For an Audit Position, please contact Debbie Tisdale by emailing

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November 5th – 11th  Professional Trainer Continuing Education – 6 Night Caribbean Cruise

If you need help learning how to work ON your dog business rather than IN your business, this is the course for you. Developing a strategy for growth doesn’t come naturally for everyone in the dog profession. Often trainers are so over-whelmed with the hands on training of dogs that they don’t make time to lay out a solid plan. The Education at Sea event allows you to have time to relax, refresh AND get guidance on creating an individual blueprint for the next steps in your career. The ability to help other trainers develop a plan is something that Robin has a particular passion for and takes pride in helping others succeed.

Here is a glimpse into what happened on the last voyage.

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