Dog Training Workshops

Robin conducts a variety of workshops for audiences including;   professional dog trainers, K9 handlers, Veterinarians and pet owners.

Workshops are designed so that attendees gain both a theoretical and practical understanding of dog training. Robin has conducted workshops on basic through advanced training to help dog owners and handlers get the most from their relationship. Workshops focus on understanding the proper use of the remote training collar, however numerous other topics are included to help participants gain a well rounded idea of what reliable training entails

Additional topics include:

Understanding how dogs learn.

How genetics and overall health impact behavior.

Understanding drives and how they impact an individual dog’s training plan.

Accelerating learning potential by combining tools and methodologies.

Gaining impulse control and building reliability. 

Maintaining style and enthusiasm in the dog. 

Proper handling and safety protocols.

Lecture material is combined with visual aids and hands on exercises that enhance the learning experience. Working positions are limited so that participating owners and handlers are afforded adequate individual time to immerse themselves into the techniques. Participants learn to incorporate  tools and techniques into a relationship centered lifestyle training plan that improves control, clarity and confidence.

Robin is also available for speaking engagements and demonstrations. She has spoken on a variety of canine behavior and training topics for groups such as; International Association of Canine Professionals and Canadian Association of Professional Pet Trainers, The University of Wisconsin – Madison School of Veterinary Medicine, The University of Dubuque, The University of Wisconsin – Platteville, and Loras Collage, and the International Society of Canine Cosmetologists.

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