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Dog Training Workshops

Robin conducts a variety of workshops for both professional trainers and pet owners.

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Workshops topics include; Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced remote collar training, Trained Retrieve, and Dog Camp Weekend for pet owners.

Robin is also available for 2-4 hour conference presentations. She has spoken on various training and client instructing/coaching topics at events such as; International Association of Canine Professionals  Canadian Association of Professional Pet Trainers, and International Society of Canine Cosmetologists

Upcoming Workshops: March 20 – 21 Lake Dallas, TX

Advanced E-collar Training Workshop

This workshop is open only to Professional Dog Trainers. Attendees should possess a solid understanding of Robin’s approach to e-collar use and dogs in working positions should be e-collar literate on the 3 actions of: Movement toward handler, Movement away from handler and Stationary/Stop positioning.

Maximum benefit will be gained for dogs currently capable of working off leash in at least moderately distracting environment.
Trainers enrolling in a working position are allowed one dog only for the working slot.

Topics covered will be dependent on handlers goal in attending and dogs capability and readiness of working on desired goals. This workshop will allow time for topic flexibility to meet needs of those attending working positions.

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November 5th – 11th – Education at Sea

Professional Trainer Continuing Education

If you need help learning how to work ON your dog business rather than IN your business, this is the course for you. Developing a strategy for growth doesn’t come naturally for everyone in the dog profession. Often trainers are so over-whelmed with the hands on training of dogs that they don’t make time to lay out a solid plan. The Education at Sea event allows you to have time to relax, refresh AND get guidance on creating an individual blueprint for the next steps in your career. The ability to help other trainers develop a plan is something that Robin has a particular passion for and takes pride in helping others succeed.

Here is a glimpse into what happened on the last voyage.

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March 2nd – 5th, 2018 – Harper’s Ferry, WV

Remote collar training workshop

This workshop is open only to Professional Dog Trainers.  Working spots are limited and only one dog per handler is recommended for a working position.

This 4 day workshop is ideally suited for students who have worked with Robin in the past and understand her approach to remote collar use. Handlers new to Robin’s approach to collar use or attending a working spot with dogs at a beginner level will advance according to the dog’s degree of readiness.

Each dog/handler team will have time allotted to work on their individual goals, assess problem behaviors and outline the steps necessary for advancement.

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