Angie with Rocky

Hi Robin,
I just finished a training weekend with Greg Doud and you were on my mind the entire weekend. It’s been 1 year since our on line coaching sessions and I can’t thank you enough for helping us. Your knowledge and support were the foundation of our success this year. Rocky and I have worked with passion, love and lots of failures but we are coming through it all with appreciation of each other and I can honestly say that we are a great team and have a great life together. The ecollar training saved his life and he is a fine working dog and companion. He lives in peace and harmony with Helen and the other two shepherds, he works with heart and never gives up. Like his handler!!!!! He is a true success story. I knew that with commitment and proper training he could be a wonderful German Shepherd for us and he truly is. I actually had to train this weekend with the individuals that ridiculed and humiliated me and bullied me into euthanizing or “ getting rid” of him. I smiled and treated everyone with kindness as he worked under great obedience and control doing what he loves best which is protection training. I just wanted to share this great success story and thank you very sincerely for the behavioral consult and ecollar training. It’s is by far the best tool I have for him. I hope you are doing well in all your endeavors and thank you for being there for the dogs. You are one of the very best trainers out there….❤️
Angie and Rocky