Your Dog’s Hero

The tagline for this site has multiple meanings. I wanted to maintain some connection to the Dubuque training company I started in 1998.  “That’s My Dog!” was started with the intention of helping local dog owners find solutions to behavior problems. As time progressed and it became a corporation, the marketing began to surround my dog at that time, a Belgian Malinois named Hero. He was inspiration for much of the TMD marketing but more than that he was named in reference to the firemen and paramedics who attended to me and got me out of the wreckage of the accident that changed my life direction and mission in 1997.

Hero was a very significant part of our family. You can read a bit about him here and the lessons he taught.

So as I thought about the mission of this site, I thought about him and it lead me to a core belief of having courage and faith in the face of difficult times. It is not always an easy path to train a dog or resolve challenging behavior problems. Often times there is conflicting information given and at times others may even work against you insisting they know best. But significant change can happen when we are armed with knowledge and commitment.

My goal is to be a coach and guidepost on the journey with your canine friend, so that you can be Your dog’s Hero.