Your Dog’s Hero

Learn to be Your Dog's Hero with the help of Robin MacFarlane's dog training services.

Let me tell you why I use the tagline Your Dog’s Hero for all the bits and pieces you will find on this site and in my teaching…

First, it pays homage to a dog I had early in my career. A Belgian Malinois I named Hero. Malinois’ are “my breed,” but Hero was my first. I got him as a pup, and his name was the logo inspiration for using superhero colors to represent the first training company that I founded in 1998.

I sold that company in 2022 so that I could free up my time and develop a hybrid approach to my work. I now offer online courses and travel for several months of the year. I love having the freedom to meet up with people around the globe that are equally passionate about sharing adventures with their dogs.

Hero was a beloved family pet. He also taught me some very valuable lessons. I wrote about him in this quick read, A Hero’s Story, when he passed at the age of 13.

But secondly, and more importantly, the tagline references my goal of helping you train your dog.  

I want to teach you how to be your dog’s hero. 

Heroes are admired. They are idealized for courage and noble qualities. Becoming your dog’s hero means you can have a dog that respects and listens to you but also regards you as the most fun and trustworthy person they know.

Training is not just about obedience or making your dog listen to you. It is a journey in building a relationship. Good training means you understand how your dog thinks and perceives information, and you communicate in a way so the dog can make sense of what you want. I can help you learn skills so you and your dog connect harmoniously. That might improve the relationship in ways you never thought possible!

Both you and your dog deserve to enjoy more together. Enjoy more fun, more adventures, and more companionship. 

Whether you are just starting out with a new puppy or you’ve adopted an older dog that needs a fresh start to a better life… let me help you be Your Dog’s Hero!