Your Dog’s Hero

The tag line for this website has a double meaning. First off, it pays homage to my first Belgian Malinios, Hero, and his connection to the training company I founded in 1998.  

Hero was a beloved family pet that taught me some very valuable lessons early in my career. 

But secondly, and more importantly, the tagline references my goal in helping you train your dog.  I want to teach you how to be your dog’s hero. 

The type of relationship where your dog respects and listens to you but also regards you as the most fun and trustworthy member of the pack.

The journey of training is not just about obedience and making your dog listen to you. It is about building a relationship that is based on understanding how your dog thinks and perceives information. If I can help you understand the difference between humans and dogs, it will set the stage for improving the relationship in ways you might not have imagined possible!

Both you and your dog deserve to enjoy more together. More fun. More adventures. More companionship. 

Whether you are just starting out with a new puppy or you’ve adopted an older dog and want to give them a fresh start, let me help coach you on this adventure. 

Get ready to be Your Dog’s Hero!