Virtual Dog Training

Dog Training Help Via Virtual courses, Zoom, Phone, and Email,

Virtual dog training | Robin MacFarlane

Robin has been helping pet owners through virtual dog training sessions before online dog training was a thing!

Whether training together in person or via virtual dog training sessions, Robin has helped dog owners around the globe find solutions to their dog behavior problems.

It is important to remember that training your dog will be effective IF:

1. You put in the time.

2. You have a competent coach guiding you through the process.

Endless Google searches, free advice from well-intentioned friends, and hours of YouTube videos can leave you confused and frustrated. It’s time to contact a dog training professional. Someone that has spent decades being successful both with in person and virtual coaching. Robin’s training will get you moving in the right direction. 

In addition to these online resources, Robin offers one to one coaching sessions. Personalized coaching helps you create a training plan. Then guides you through the necessary problem solving steps to move out of frustration and enjoy more time with your dog.

Book Today! Coaching sessions last 45 min – 1 hour.
Consultations are offered via Zoom or phone call.

Virtual Dog Training Consultation: $125.00

Sessions are typically scheduled within 5-10 business days of reviewing the evaluation form.

* Participants may be required to submit video footage of their dog to help assess behavior issues.

Dog Training Evaluation Form

To begin, please fill out and submit the Evaluation Form. Robin will review the submitted information and then respond via email  to schedule your coaching call and request payment. Please do not submit payment prior to Robin’s acknowledgment of receiving the evaluation form. Submitted evaluation forms are responded to within 48 business hours. If you have not received confirmation within that time frame, please email for inquiry.

Evaluation Form