Electronic training collars; One woman weighs in.

Opinions abound about electronic training collars.

Actually, opinions are plentiful about dogs and training in general. A quick search reveals  loads of information to read and sift through.

But it always nice to hear opinions about “stuff” right from the horses mouth. If you’re considering purchasing a breed of dog isn’t it nice to talk to people that live with that breed? Or if you’re wondering about a medical procedure for you dog, it is nice to hear from others who have traveled that path with their pet.

So, if you want to hear opinions about electronic training collars how about asking people who use them? After all, doesn’t that make a little more sense than asking someone who has little to no experience with the tool?

Well, here you go. This is what one woman had to say about the electronic training collars and working with her Shib Inu.

Robin is a client of Steve Bettcher of Dog Squad in Oakland, CA.

I appreciate Steve taking the time to share this clip with me. It is important we speak with the people who are actually pursuing remote collar training with their dog. Ultimately it is their opinion that matters most regarding their training expectations and how they wish to achieve them.

Watch video here



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  • I heard thousands of myths about these collars being “evil” and “inhumane” and I must say they couldn’t be more wrong. My dogs do wonderful on these collars and I’d much rather correct them with this collar then to have them wander off my side and become roadkill. With proper training these collars can do wonders for both you and your pet!

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