E-collar Training with Robin MacFarlane 5-Disc Set


  • Over 5 HOURS of Obedience Training!
  • Includes BONUS Basic Obedience DVD ($40 value)
  • Available in your choice of DVD or Streaming

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Do you have an e-collar for your dog but you’ve been afraid to use it? Stop worrying and start training! This 5-disc set will take you step-by-step through the process, from starting the training and finding a level up and through working around distractions and being ready to go off-leash!

Three dogs of varying personalities were adopted from a shelter environment and trained daily over the course of 3-weeks. This DVD series captures the real-time footage starting from day one of introducing the e-collar and progresses to the point of off-leash control and working around real world distractions. Robin takes you step-by-step through the process of laying a foundation, solving common problems, working through distractions and graduating to off-leash freedom. The systematic approach and detailed instruction is designed specifically with the novice e-collar user in mind, but even experienced trainers will find a gem or two to add to their training toolbox!

Each of the dogs in this video series, Grace, Brandi and Bonnie, started training within 72 hours of being adopted from a shelter environment. What you will see are real-time training sessions, not special editing or previously trained dogs. Viewers will be watching dogs with different temperaments being worked through challenges toward the goal of off-leash control and a greatly improved relationship with their handler.

This video series takes a systematic approach to e-collar use from introduction to off-leash control. Robin’s e-collar instructional materials are clear, concise and never sacrifice the physical or emotional well-being of the dog. With this training, your dog will be calmer, more controlled AND be able to experience the joys of off-leash freedom!


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