E-collars, What level of stimulation is needed when training a dog?

One of the main myths surrounding remote collar training is that the collar has to be used  at a high and uncomfortable level in order to be effective.

This is actually far from the truth.

When I teach people how to find the right level to use for their dog I often use the analogy of turning up the volume on the phone. When you are having a conversation you adjust the volume so that you can hear the dialogue. If there is a burst of noise in the area, you turn the volume up and when the noise subsides you turn the volume down. The goal is to be able to hear and pay attention to what is being said.

The same goes for using a remote collar with the dog. A dog’s sensitivity to the sensation will change according to the amount of excitement and distraction going on in the surrounding area. The volume of the collar can be adjusted depending on those surrounding influences. The levels do not need to be high, they only need to be *heard* so that the dog can continue to pay attention despite the distractions.

Remote collars of today have lots of versatility in their selection of levels. They can be suited to the temperament of the dog and they have the ability to adjust to a level that is Just Right.  Just the right level means it is not too low and easily ignored and it is not too high and over whelming to the dog.

Having your dog hear you at any time, in any environment is a great advantage to dog lovers of today. When trained properly, your dog can enjoy all the freedoms of being off leash and you can feel confident that he/she will still hear you when you call them to come back.

So, can you hear me now? 🙂

Happy Training,




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