More dog owners weigh in about training with a remote collar

Curious about how remote collar training might work for your dog?

Perhaps you are hesitant about a remote collar because you’ve heard others call them cruel?

Are you worried that using a remote collar might have negative fall out or side effects if you use one for training your dog?

You’re not alone. Most people have initial hesitation about remote collars, or e-collars as they are often referred to.

Notice I didn’t call the remote collar a shock collar in the sentence above? That is because of two reasons; 1. Because it isn’t a shocking experience for the dog when you know what you’re doing with the tool.

2. Using a quality dog training collar makes a difference. Not everything is created equal in the world of electronics.

The remote dog training collar is a tool. Nothing more, nothing less. It takes education to learn to use if you want great results. Learning to use the tool properly is what myself and more and more professionals are teaching dog lovers how to do. We are incorporating the tool as an invisible leash so you can give your dog more freedom while still having the confidence of keeping the dog safe and under control.

One of my colleagues, Summer Milroy shared with us an interview where she asked some of these very questions to recent graduates of her program. Take a look.

Oh and while your at it, give a shout out to congratulate Summer for having her company, On The Ball K9 Training recently voted BEST DOG TRAINING IN DALLAS!




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