Remote Collar Training helps young Labrador Retriever have Better Manners and more Fun in St Louis.

Remote training collars are a valuable tool in helping provide dogs with the delight of off leash freedom. Here is another testimonial from a happy dog lover who found the joy she was looking for in training her dog. PJ Stull is one of the many professional trainers that attended Robin’s E-cademy program!

PJ came into our lives a little over a year ago. When she came to the house she spent about 20 minutes with our one-year old Labrador (Bess) and had her totally under control. She taught us how to use the remote collar (after having us hold it in our hand so we could see exactly how it felt) and within an hour Bess was heeling and sitting. She was focused and actually seemed to be enjoying being our companion. She settled in and, although it took a few weeks for her to get everything together, there were immediate changes in her behavior.

Remote Collar Trained Dog with owner enjoying off leash freedom

One of the most enjoyable experiences has been the dog socialization class. A group of us meet and work our dogs every Saturday. We also do people stuff, and when we have a barbeque, it is amazing to see all of our dogs, off leash, laying and staying down. I neverthought I would see Bess remain down – much less with other dogs!

I think the nicest part is that we get to see our dogs being dogs, playing with one another, walking and swimming together, ignoring one another, just being content. PJ is also good at training owners, probably the most difficult part. I have learned so much about the way dogs think and about their body language – from the position of their ears to the direction their tails are wagging. PJ is so in tune with each and every dog. I can’t recommend the Dawgtrainer strongly enough! Please contact PJ! She’s Nanny 911 for dog owners.

Melinda, Andy and Bess

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