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Can you use a remote dog training collar to help with separation anxiety?

The following is a testimonial shared by a client of Paws N Motion in Minnesota. Sarah is a recent graduate of the TMD E-cademy remote collar training program and this is further proof that a remote, electronic collar can be used successfully as part of a rehabilitation program for dogs with anxiety issues. Good work to Sarah, Rock and the Jacobson’s.

Remote Collar Training – What level is right for your dog?

A while back I wrote about the level of stimulation that should be used when training a dog with an electronic, remote collar. That article addressed the concept of adjusting the intensity to fit the situation.  As a general rule, less stimulation is needed during the regular daily routine and more is needed when things get exciting and the dog’s adrenaline level goes up. Adjusting the intensity is similar to turning up the volume on a radio or television whenRead more “Remote Collar Training – What level is right for your dog?”