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Professional Dog Trainer Course

The next professional dog trainer course is going to be held October 12th – 22nd. The 10 day E-cademy program is geared specifically toward those dog training professional who want to learn more about incorporating e-collar training into their training business. Since 2002 this immersion program has helped individuals to hone their training skills and greatly enhance their coaching capabilities. The curriculum weighs heavily on practical application, rather than just theory. Participants gain significant hands on experience working with aRead more “Professional Dog Trainer Course”

Shock Collar Training helps Bernese Mountain Dog in Michigan enjoy freedom

“I had never heard of a “shock collar” prior to Mike Burkey mentioning it to me.  As I use a wheelchair to get around and also have limited use of my hands, Mike thought it made sense for me to obtain Rocco’s (Bernese Mountain dog) attention, if needed. At first, I was reluctant to use it, because I feared it would inflict pain.  Turns out, it doesn’t.