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Electronic collars: Don’t they have to Shock the dog in order for it to work?

A pet dog owners perspective on remote collar training (aka: shock collar training as some would call it) is always interesting to me. Under the guidance of a knowledgeable professional dog trainer the doubt always gives way to the “Wow” factor. It is hard not to be wowed by the results of a system that

Can you use a remote dog training collar to help with separation anxiety?

The following is a testimonial shared by a client of Paws N Motion in Minnesota. Sarah is a recent graduate of the TMD E-cademy remote collar training program and this is further proof that a remote, electronic collar can be used successfully as part of a rehabilitation program for dogs with anxiety issues. Good work to Sarah, Rock and the Jacobson’s.

Reliability of your dog’s training can be greatly increased by learning to use an electronic remote training collar

Testimonials from dog lovers all over the world keep pouring in and here at The Truth About Shock Collars we are going to keep posting them. I am an advocate for dog training, regardless of training methodology, the important thing is

Remote Collar Training helps Doberman in Vancouver, BC find a new leash on life.

This is a very interesting letter that came from a woman in Vancouver, BC. It goes to show that the electronic remote training collar (aka: Shock collar) is just a tool and like any can be used well or used poorly. Jill Sharp is a former student of the TMD E-cademy program. I am proud to say that her education shines through and I’m happy she could help Roman. Congrats Jill and kudos to Lee and Roman. I am gladRead more “Remote Collar Training helps Doberman in Vancouver, BC find a new leash on life.”