What do you think about remote dog training collars?


The main reason I started The Truth About Shock Collars blog was to share information with potential remote collar users. I want to provide insight that I have gained, share experiences from other trainers and most importantly share experience and opinions from other pet owners who decided to go the route of training with a remote dog training collar.

Because the big picture goal is to rid ourselves of the term and idea of a pain inducing “shock collar” and help people understand that an electronic collar should be used with finesse as a communication device.

The thing about blogging is…most of the words are my own and repeatedly hearing just my voice on the matter gets tiresome so I’ve asked numerous friends who are also professional dog trainers to distribute a simple questioner to their clients so we can gather more feedback on what other dog owners think about the “shock collar”.

Over the coming weeks I’ll be posting responses to those questions and expanding on some of the ideas presented. I hope you’ll join in the conversations. If you’re interested in filling out the questioner just provide me an e-mail address and I’ll be happy to send one your way.

In the meantime, here is one response I’d like to share.

Q: In one sentence please describe how you felt about remote collars BEFORE you started training with them.

A: The only people that use them are police dogs and hunters dogs, it was too harsh of training for what we were asking for our dogs.

The next question on the form is:

Q. In one sentence describe how you feel about remote collars NOW.
If you are curious about the answer…stay tuned. 🙂

*Request this 10 question survey by e-mailing Robin@ThatsMyDog.com


  • Now, 6 days later, I am VERY pleased to report that our beautiful white dogs are becoming cleaner and cleaner by the day, as they are not escaping through the filthy, stinking swamp!!
    They are also so much happier (as we are), as we are more relaxed about letting them into the yard. Even though Nero is wearing the collar (remote unseen in human pocket), they play and run around the garden, chase monkeys, fetch sticks and not even attempting to go near the swamp side of the property!!!

    All in all, both Holly and Nero have had very few vibrates, combined with a firm “NO”. In fact, today, there have been no vibrates and we haven’t even had to say NO at all – just give them treats because they are so good.
    This is wonderful.

    It is still early days, but we are definitely seeing a remarkable improvement in their obedience & behaviour. The way things are going, we truly believe that we will be able to put both the collar and the remote into the cupboard soon …

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