Robin MacFarlane

Robin MacFarlane

Robin establishes communication between dogs and humans by creating tailor-made solutions to address the needs of both. She strives to share her knowledge educating dogs and their owners by utilizing her skill, patience and a bit of humor!  And Robin isn’t shy about admitting she will challenge her clients to make the changes necessary for success.

We sent our 5 month old GSP, Bauer, to Robin for her personal 3 week board and train. From the very start, her and her… Read more “Mary Kate with Bauer”

MaryKate Rosenfelder

I came out of the E/cademy week with Robin with a deeper understanding of remote collars and best practices for both using them and teaching… Read more “Nikki DeLuca”

Nikki DeLuca

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Jen Westrate
We’re ready for game time! Go Pack Go! 🏈📣🏈
Hosting a Movement Markers clinic, learning to identify gait issues, where they originate in the body and how it impacts behavior.
Fabulous weekend tuning into our dogs body’s and how to help soften muscles tissue to alleviate some of the problems.
Check out @caninehealing The Quirky Dog Podcast; I joined Jess and Scott to discuss evolving remote collar technology and training. An excellent conversation! You’ll find the full episode wherever you listen to podcasts, or search for the “Canine Healing” Facebook page for the full podcast with video.
Diva is wishing her Canadian relatives a Happy Thanksgiving day. 🇨🇦🍁🦃
Cleaning closets today…found this. Still true.
Mia is working the down today. Learning that the stay is implied until she has permission to get up.
You don’t help an anxious dog by sequestering him from the world around him.
You go out and face it together. Work from a distance moving closer as the dog demonstrates increased tolerance.  I generally use a foundation of obedience to steady the dog while counter-conditioning the emotional response. It’s thoughtful, sometimes slow, work.  Not flashy or sexy by social media standards but it produces results and that’s what matters most.
Cooper is visiting for a few days. He’s gotten very good about waiting patiently each morning for me to finish my coffee…then we’ll play!
“ I hope one of those cookies is for me” ~ Maverick
She’s patiently waiting for her treat while I enjoy mine. Happy National Coffee Day! ☕️ 😋