Remote Collar Training? A Users Perspective on What Their Dog Thinks.

Understanding Dog Behavior

A couple months back I shared some of my sentiments on training with a remote collar and speculated what my dog’s might say if given a choice in the matter of training tools. Then I posed a question that caused a bit of a stir. That April blog post received over 100 comments and a lot of emotional feedback.

It gave birth to the idea that I wanted more input from other dog owners who have trained this way. So, recently I’ve been conducting and informal survey. I’m asking other pet owning, e-collar users to share their thoughts via a questioner I and fellow expert trainers are circulating to our students. One of the questions on this feedback form is: If your dog could speak on behalf of this training tool/method, what do you think he/she would say?

I’d like to share the answers I’ve received so far and remind you to bear in mind that ALL answers are provided by people who are currently using a remote collar as part of their dog training process. I think it is also very noteworthy to know that the majority of the participants have worked under the guidance of a professional trainer with specialized expertise in this training tool.

So, in no particular order:

If your dog could speak on behalf of remote collars and remote collar training, what do you think he/she would say?

” The collar – Yippy – we’re going to the park to play Chuck It – wag, wag. Mom doesn’t act like a crazy woman anymore. “

” He didn’t like it at first, because he preferred to be the King at all times! But now he’s happy about it because he has more opportunities to go places and more entertainment outside. “

” She would say that it is an easy way for me to communicate quickly and effectively with her .”

” I think he would give it a good review because it more clearly lets him know what I’m looking for from him, and he’s a happy boy to be off that leash and not stressing from barking, pulling and general misbehaving.”

” It gives me a lot more freedom!.”

” I think he would say that he’s grateful for the freedom that the e-collar has given him. Although I don’t think he’s happy about not being able to get away with stuff at a distance. 11 years old and he’s still pushing the boundaries. “

” You’re putting the collar on? AWESOME! We’re going for a walk. We’re going for a walk. We’re going for a walk. “

” She would say it allows her to go with us everyplace and is well worth it. “


” My mom is calm when I wear my collar. She can get my attention when she needs it. She rarely ever has to tone me anymore. I don’t have to be “on leash” and we can hike anywhere! “

” Gus and Blue Moon would both say “being off leash rocks!!”

” Judging by how they react when I pick up their collar (they go CRAZY in excitement because they know they are getting to go somewhere), I think my dogs would ask me to put their collars on every morning and go do something fun!”

…that is what we have so far to question number 10 on our remote collar training survey.

When I review these answers, I pick up some overall themes about remote collar training…themes of increased freedom, reduced frustration and dogs that display no resentment in putting their e-collars on. Those reasons have been consistent factors in my decision to make this an area of specialization for the past 12 years.

It is not that I feel people HAVE to train with a remote collar to have a well mannered, obedient dog. It is that using one makes the task faster and easier on the average pet dog owner AND ultimately gives the dog an improved quality of life.

Once more I want to point out that these are primarily answers coming back from students of the professional dog trainers listed here. I have long held the belief that skilled guidance influences the outcome…we can chew on that topic together in the future…

If you’d like to share your thoughts and fill out this survey, please request it by e-mailing




  • my dogs love their most ppl it is bc they know they don’t have to have the leash and they can have their freedom as long as they listen to mom & dad. It has made me feel more in control so they don’t hurt themselves. Before we had ecollars and they went for a run( being let out to use the bathroom & then taking off) I was afraid they would get ran over ( as we live in ” oil country,ND” ) now I don’t have to worry and they are very happy when they see their collars…it is a Great Tool if used properly…:-) Sincerely, Denise

  • I recently rescued a chained up pit bull, who was bouncing off the walls, had NO training, and her owner was going to put her down.

    I actually found that using positive reinforcement and clicker training sped up her training faster than any training I’ve ever done! She was the first dog I have ever clicker trained, and even though I’ve only had her a short while, we are going to start training for rally obedience trials : )

  • Robin, I just wanted to say thank you for addressing the issues in the manner you do. I am a huge proponent of the E-collar, and have found, over the years, that it is my training tool of choice. The line of communication is crystal clear after a bit of conditioning. I have yet to find a dog that could not be properly trained with an E-collar. I am actually in the process of making the E-collar a requirement for my training program. I know it can be frustrating at times dealing with those who are misinformed and feel that the E-collar is abusive or inhumane. I have come to the realization that I cannot be the trainer for everyone. I now tell clients if they want their dog to be trained using ONLY positive rewards, then go to PetSmart,,,then come back when that does not work I will be happy to discuss a training program that will work. Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks Vince. I appreciate it. I am happy to offer a gathering place for those of us who still train with the best interest of Both the dog and owner in mind. It seems reason and common sense has been lost in much of the dog world. Fortunately you are right…eventually many owners find us when the other options fall short and we are here to pick up the pieces and make the relationship work again. all the best, Robin

      • just wanted to say if we had dog trainers down here where I live I would utilize them. but over all I have to say my dogs are very well behaved and have only had to use ecollars with moderation. now that they know what we want from them they are very good and very happy…:-) Sincerely, Denise

  • I think the fact that so many of us are getting our pets, our friends from shelters and it is hard to correct the improper training that our pets have learned over the years prior to coming to us. I have mixed feelings on the shock collar, but it has allowed us to keep my best friend with us after moving from our home across the country into an apartment. The stress of a new job, new home and everything else would have been unbearable with out my pal! The collar was a must, and has worked out so well! He gets excited when I take it off its hook to bring him to the park!

  • My dog would be thankful that it allowed him to keep his life! He was going to be put down because he was vicious. He now knows he’s not in control and is a happy healthy LIVING dog. He is not afraid of his collar and like the others is excited to get it on and get outside! Excellent tool if used PROPERLY by loving pet owners. I owe keeping my best friend to the dogtra collar and training. Well worth it.

  • I’m owning a dog for last 2 year and few days ago i hear about this electronic collar. this seems to be interesting because it is the best way to divert attention of a dog towards you, but i think it will time to know how to use it properly, but still i’m going to try it. because with it you can give command to your if he is away from you and this is the best advantage of it.

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